Tuesday, April 28, 2009

piano lessons and braides

     Gentry started piano lessons with Gina yesterday.  It was so stinkin' cute (to use one of my current favorite sayings).  She had on blue converse, demin shorts and braids.  When Gina asked her, "What do you like to do, Gentry?"  she replied, " I like to play the piano!"  She stayed interested the whole 30 minutes, and when we left she said, "I love it,  Mother!"  She likes to call me "Mother" on these sort of occasions, otherwise, it's just mom.  "Gbee" makes me smile...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the birth of earth

So today I was reading a book I borrowed from Lisa,  "Enjoy it" a bloggers compilation of Greatest Hits (Courtney Jane Kendricks) and decided to try my own blog.  I always feel a little guilty for not doing more journal writing.  I have two problems with journal writing.  Number one,   I probably average three entries a year and  therefore spend my entire time trying to "catch-up" my future posterity to what's happened the previous year.  Secondly,  my brain rattles things off my more quickly then I can write them, which frustrates me.  Anyway,  I can type a lot faster than I write.  Which doesn't mean that I am a fast typist (I am not).  But, never-the-less,  I'm hoping I can get more "thoughts down per minute...".
     So today Lori, Leslie and I are going to lunch at Wildflower.  Lunch is a good thing.  I'm getting better about enjoying lunches  and not feeling guilty thinking about all that I could be doing (laundry, closet cleaning etc..).  So, I'm excited to go to lunch.  I've realized that to help the people around me,  I've got to "fill my own lamp"  so to speak...probably with a carribean cob and chocolate/pumpkin muffin (if there are any left).  I'm wearing my new black wedge heels that I bought at Nordstrom yesterday.  They cost way too much, and I debated returning them when I got home. I asked Sadie three times this morning if they were worth it,  "Yes mom, (sigh) they are really cute".  Anyway, at 7:25 a.m. I committed as I stepped out of the house and into the garage (although Nordstrom's would still take them back, worn sole and all...why I shop at Norstrom).  Not that I would ever return them, I'm very honest that way....I just like the idea that I could.  I once heard that a sales associate accepted a customer's returned tires??? They don't even sell tires.  I love Nordstrom ( or as Sadie called it when she was little Nord-storm).  So, that's the end of my blog for now.  I'm off to practice the piano....Twilight, Bella's Lullaby (easy version!)  Deep, I know, but I like the tune.