Monday, August 6, 2018

Drew comes home

It's the best thing ever. There are really no words. 
Lots of hugs, lots of tears, lots of joy.

(We missed Sierra who was on a preplanned senior trip to Africa before we knew Drew's return date would change). 
They had their own happy reunion two days ago:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

in his own words

Drew's last group email before he returns home. 

Well y'all, this is it. Can't believe this is my last email as a missionary. Fat shoutout to all those who have read these the past two years, hopefully a few of you have haha! My mission has meant everything to me and it's hard to believe it has come to end. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father in giving me this incredible opportunity to be able to serve. I have come to know that my Savior truly does live, and that his atonement is very real. This is his work. I LOVE the people in South I was able to serve and will never forget the incredible experiences I had here. Thank you to all of my family and friends for the endless support while I've been out here, I could never have done it without y'all and I truly mean that. Going to be very weird and emotional leaving my second home here in the dirty south but I am so excited to get back to good old g town and the sweet reunions to come. LOVE Y'ALL!!!! 

Counting down the hours here!!!!!!!
And I'm feeling like after a little time with Drew, I might start saying, "y'all" too.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


She always cared more about others then herself.
She always looked for the good.
She had an infection laugh and sense of humor.
She loved unconditionally.
She bought me my "back to school" outfit for the first day of junior high.
She hosted cousin parties.
She was generous. 
She hated to cook.
She loved being outside and appreciated all that is beautiful on this Earth.
She was loyal and devoted to her family.
She was my mom's only sister.
She was one of my most treasured friends.
She was my Aunt Gloria.

And last Tuesday, 
she returned home.

And once again, I feel grateful to know that families are forever.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

the bestest news ever

And here it is.....
This kid is coming home in three weeks!!! 
Oh happy day, I cannot wait to give him a hug. 
Because the Jackson Mississippi mission where Drew is serving is being consolidated with Louisiana, some of the missionaries are coming home a little early. 
Drewby is one of them. 

I cannot wait to have Drew's big laugh, big smile, big personality, and most especially his big heart fill up our home again. 
Twenty One Days!!!

llama love

They are seriously some of the strangest creatures ever. Cuter then a baby kitten, but super feisty. Last week after some great cousin time, I got to go on an adventure with one of them. Llama love I tell you! Ours was named "A-Aron". 
So, a little background about how I found myself on this backwoods excursion.
A few years ago Sadie and Andy launched Hikrlife (@hikrlife on insta), a non-exclusive hiking meet-up club. They've done really well, and, as a celebration, when they hit 20k followers, they did this fun give away with Backcountry Logistics Llamas (@backcountry_logistics). My friend Lori entered the contest, and was one of the winners. Then, she invited me. Hee.
So, "backwoods camping" is just what it sounds like. No camp ground. No running water. No other "facilities" if you will. But that's cool, because (I reminded myself)  I can do hard things (at least for one night). So we set off on a 93 degree Utah afternoon. And after 3 miles of straight up switch backs, I decided that maybe I've been a little too much in the yoga zone and not quite enough in cardio zone. But, hey, I made it and didn't even have to ride on A-Aron (which was good because he wouldn't have let me anyway). 

To spit or to kiss. That is the question.

 No really, he liked me a lot. 

My 5 star suite.

Thanks for the invite Lori.

King of the hill.

 Love these peeps.

 Our super nice guide from Backcountry Logistics. 

( Refuses to make eye contact).

A fun little outing, and thanks A-Aron for carrying all my stuff. You are a true pal.

Wishing everyone a belated Happy 4th! 
I hope it was filled with the things that make you smile
(for us that meant my grandmas's texas sheet cake).

And Tomorrow....
My bestest news ever.....

Sunday, July 1, 2018

these are my people

In my mind's eye I see myself, white knee high socks and adidas tennis shoes, shorts and a snoppy t-shirt, blonde uncombed hair, and a summer tan. I'm eleven years old running through my aunt and uncle's back yard. I'm surrounded by my cousins as we take on the adventure of the day.

Last weekend I had the chance to spend sometime with some of my very most favorite people in this world, who also happen to be my family. Thirty+ years later and I still feel happy and loved spending time in my aunt and uncle's back yard.

So incredibly grateful for these amazing people I get to call family. 

This was stop #1 on my Utah trip last weekend. More about stop #2 tomorrow.
Happy Sunday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

okay so the dating thing...

It really is the most bizarre thing ever to suddenly find myself in this space again. It's like one of my single (guy) friends said last week, "You kind of feel like you're in high school again" (but not in a good way).  So, a couple of positive things about dating as an adult (cause I like to be positive). First, I know what I'm looking for and I'll recognize it when I find it. I'm confident and peaceful in this belief. Second, I have no problem saying exactly how I feel. I believe in being honest and respectful with the people I'm dating, and I expect that in return. Hmmm... high standards. Yep. Thankfully,  I'm my own party and have been for along time. I'm not in a rush, but I'm open to exploring this new space. Gratefully, I'm okay just being me and don't mind hanging by myself (most of the time).  Some of this has come out of necessity and some of it is just straight up emotional survival. I am used to being  independent when it comes to emotional support, but strangely, I would also describe myself as a hopeless romantic. It's a bit of an enigma really. But, that's okay. My life is good. I absolutely love my new job. I've made many new, amazing friends that I probably never would have met in my old life. I feel like my path continues to evolve, and the best part about it is that I'm actually enjoying facing the this new blank slate. So, here's to the unknown and that old adage, "not all that wander are lost". I am feeling more grounded and peaceful with each new adventure. And everyday, I choose to focus on the present, because there is so much to love about today.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

graduation and progress

 When Sierra was in the third grade, we started making paper chains to count down to the last day of school. On June 23rd, we did the final count down as Sierra Olivia graduated on a beautiful, happy Arizona night. 

 We were so glad Sadie and Andy could join us.

These are the moments that fill up my cup as we continue to navigate the new normal
and continue to find joy. 

I'm feeling grateful for progress and growth,  and so looking forward to what comes next for this kiddo. 
Congrats Ra. We love you.