Wednesday, May 3, 2017

prom, ducky, and rethinking it all

Sierra attended her junior prom with Parker two weeks ago.  She and Parker have been bff's since forever.  Sometimes I think those are the best kind of dates.

Last week, in honor of the whole prom thing, I decided to watch one of my favorite 80's movies, Pretty in Pink. I think it's arguably the most iconic prom film of the era.  Molly Ringwald was at her best with the whole lip pout thing, and the soundtrack... If you Leave...who didn't have a couple of "cry it outs" to that one?  So, I still love this movie 20+ years later, but I especially loved watching it in my current circumstances, as my current self, and with the life experience I've gained.  I reflected how my sixteen year old self  was completely in love with Andrew McCarty (Blain) and how I wanted that happy ending for he and Andie (Molly Ringwald).  So, 20+ years later, and after more "life experience " then I could have ever imagined, I have to say, I would have chosen Ducky.  Ducky (Jon Cryer) plays Andie's bff in the movie.   Ducky was as true and loyal as they come.  And more than anything, Ducky knew how to make Andie laugh.

  And, If I may borrow a line from Jane Austen, 
I dearly love to laugh.