Wednesday, June 20, 2018

okay so the dating thing...

It really is the most bizarre thing ever to suddenly find myself in this space again. It's like one of my single (guy) friends said last week, "You kind of feel like you're in high school again" (but not in a good way).  So, a couple of positive things about dating as an adult (cause I like to be positive). First, I know what I'm looking for and I'll recognize it when I find it. I'm confident and peaceful in this belief. Second, I have no problem saying exactly how I feel. I believe in being honest and respectful with the people I'm dating, and I expect that in return. Hmmm... high standards. Yep. Thankfully,  I'm my own party and have been for along time. I'm not in a rush, but I'm open to exploring this new space. Gratefully, I'm okay just being me and don't mind hanging by myself (most of the time).  Some of this has come out of necessity and some of it is just straight up emotional survival. I am used to being  independent when it comes to emotional support, but strangely, I would also describe myself as a hopeless romantic. It's a bit of an enigma really. But, that's okay. My life is good. I absolutely love my new job. I've made many new, amazing friends that I probably never would have met in my old life. I feel like my path continues to evolve, and the best part about it is that I'm actually enjoying facing the this new blank slate. So, here's to the unknown and that old adage, "not all that wander are lost". I am feeling more grounded and peaceful with each new adventure. And everyday, I choose to focus on the present, because there is so much to love about today.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

graduation and progress

 When Sierra was in the third grade, we started making paper chains to count down to the last day of school. On June 23rd, we did the final count down as Sierra Olivia graduated on a beautiful, happy Arizona night. 

 We were so glad Sadie and Andy could join us.

These are the moments that fill up my cup as we continue to navigate the new normal
and continue to find joy. 

I'm feeling grateful for progress and growth,  and so looking forward to what comes next for this kiddo. 
Congrats Ra. We love you.