Friday, February 27, 2015

One of my "loves" about technology

I got the nicest surprise text and picture yesterday.  One of my very dear friends from high school, Tracy, lives in Houston.  Yesterday she and Sadie got to meet for the first time and have lunch together.  
(Thank you Tracy!!!)

Now, if you happen to live in Gilbert AZ, where there are like a million mormons, disregard this next thought.  But, if you happen to live somewhere in the midwest, or the east coast.  Here's a little request from a missionary mom.  If you ever happen to see the mormon missionaries cruising around town on their bikes (or their feet), ask them if you can take a picture of them to send home to their moms.  This is like the very best thing ever for a missionary mom to see that their child is alive, and well, and happy, and busy.  We once ran into some missionaries in England. We promptly took a pic to send home. And I guess that request would be for anyone international too.  I promise, you will make someone's whole week with just the click of your phone camera!

We are LESS than six weeks away from Sadie's return home.  Last week we received her itinerary in the mail, making it seem that much more real.   
 Hurry April, hurry April, hurry April...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

captured lately

oatmeal, blueberries, and maple syrup.  
my lately morning craving.

potting season.

 rainclouds and sunshine and beauty for my morning commute today. 
i commuted all the way to gentry's school and back.

my commute back seat passenger/parter in slime (as evidenced on the car windows).

 friday night teenager round-up….white out for the big game/jeep ride and bonfire for the olders.
laundry day and three day hair.  
a super great combination.

What did your phone capture this week?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Good Morning Sunshines!  How was your Valentine's weekend?  Ours was lovely.  Friday (I believe I may have mentioned) Gregg and I enjoyed our annual date to the Melting Pot.  Saturday we appreciated  another tradition that we started 19 years ago when Sadie was just one.  Gregg always picks up the Olive Garden for our "family" Valentine's dinner. That way we avoid the crowds and I avoid cooking.  Win, win. As the kids have gotten older, they are sometimes out with friends, and miss the Valetine's family dinner.  But since one of the teens (who shall remain nameless) was grounded on Saturday, we actually had our whole family (minus Sadie who comes home in seven weeks) gathered around the table for our italian take-out.  Sunday Gregg and I headed to Flagstaff for a quick over night escape.  It's only the second time we've left the teenagers in charge.  From what I can tell, things went.  Except for my new lamp in the playroom, which looks like the shade is slightly bent.   I don't even want to know.

Gregg and I loved our time together.  Yesterday we stopped by my in-laws ranch to pick up a couple of horses to bring home. It was such a nice road trip, listening to Gregg's eighties playlist and enjoying the sun on my face.  And when "You're the Inspiration" from Chicago played, Gregg asked me what it reminded me of.  I had to laugh as I thought back to my eighth grade year when I performed in Franklin Junior High's water ballet program.  Yes people, I said water ballet.  As in costumes, spotlights, music, and a pool.  And the music that my group performed our routine to… Yep, "You're the Inspiration".

So, today, it's back to the school routine and my regular everyday life.  And my regular everyday life is a very good life. This has been the conversation lately in our home...  Sierra is trying to talk us into a second dog and Gentry has decided that she desperately needs a Bengal kitten.  She even drafted up  a three month plan of action to show us that she can be responsible in adding another pet to our clan.  We are anxiously counting down the days before Sadie returns home. I can barely think about it with out getting crazy emotional, so I try to have it just be a pleasant passing thought. Drew has his first lacrosse game in two weeks, and our Arizona "spring"  is trying to turn into a very early summer with temps in the eighties.  And although I realize that may sound so amazing to the rest of the country right now, for us, it will mean an even longer scorching summer.  So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few more weeks in the seventies and even long sleeves.  So, how was your weekend? Tell me about it here.

Happiest Tuesday to all of you Beauties. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

growing up

Friday night again.   Gregg and I enjoyed an early Valentine's celebration dinner at the Melting Pot (our favorite tradition/ fondue heaven).  Gregg returned from Hong Kong on Tuesday and managed to keep the jet lag at bay for a solid hour and a half of much needed spousal catching up and laughter.  The second we got home he was out.  The older teenagers are pursuing Gilbert with friends, and the tween is running around the house screaming and  laughing with some other tweens.  It's the kind of chaos I've learned to tune out after so many years.  It's been a good day.  But, it started out kind of rough.  Everyonce in awhile I go through a little insomnia loop.  This morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.  I think ALL moms get this, perhaps it was written somewhere in the fine print of that motherhood contract. {Because of the nature of this job i.e. worrying about your children and their curfews, and their education, and their nutrition and who they're friends with, you will, from time to time, experience some brutal insomnia}.  I wanted to be grumpy.  I wanted to go back to bed.  I wanted to check out in a very hot bath.  But, duty called.  So….coming back to my whole focus of  CHOOSING to be happy… I took a deep breath and I searched for some "resuscitation" music on my iPhone. "Jump, Jive an' Wail"  from the Brian Setzer Orchestra seemed to fit the bill.  I decided to make my bed.  Then I lit a few of my favorite candles through out the house.  Suddenly, I was feeling a little better. Then I attacked my missing sock drawer that's been leering at me for months. From there it was off to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher, feed the dog, wipe and dry the counters and take out the trash.  Instant gratification.  The thoughts that had been so heavy on my mind the night before, now seemed manageable.  I thought about how differently I sometimes handled these hard days twenty years ago.  For me, I value the knowledge and experiences that have come through my forty-something years far more than I miss some of the twenty something perks (you know, pre-stretch marks, laugh lines, elevens between the brow). I love being able to redirect my thoughts, and redirect my negative energy into something positive.  I love the perspective that comes through years of emotional trial and error. And as I was able to redirect my thoughts this morning about a current and somewhat pressing problems I thought to myself, "Hmmm, maybe this is what "growing up" is about".  And although I have been considered a "legal" adult for almost three decades, I'm grateful for this life long learning journey of maturing, no matter what my age.  There's a reason so many elderly people have so much wisdom.  I think it's kind of a "sink or swim" process.  And I hope to keep "swimming" for at least a few more decades.  I've still got some growing up to do.

Monday, February 9, 2015

giveaway winner

Good morning Sydney!  YOU are the winner of the "Be Mine" Valentine's sign! 
Thank you to all of you who entered!
Look for the next giveaway on May 25th!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

good things to come

Tonight I asked Drew if he would mind doing a lesson for our family night. He chose this video to share.  I love it when my teenagers impress me.  Happy Sunday to you and your family.

Friday, February 6, 2015

love thine enemy

A few days ago, I decided to re-implement a little Love and Logic parenting with Gentry.  Basically, the whole premise of this parenting idea is to help kids to understand the cause and effect logic of the real world.
     For many, many long mornings I've been waking Gentry up at least three times before she decides to get out of bed.  Kind of frustrating.  Then I remembered my Love and Logic skills, which used to be pretty honed, but have been kind of forgotten lately.  As I thought about it, I asked myself, "What is the result of a sixth grader not getting out of bed on time?"  Then I answered myself, "The natural consequence is that she will be late for school."  So,  a few days ago I set up the guidelines.  I would be waking Gentry up once.  And I wished her (sincerely) the very best of luck getting ready and arriving at school on time.
      The information I just shared will kind of set the stage for the bizarre thing Gentry experienced this morning.  I live in a small rural neighborhood in the middle of a bigger city. The speed limit on our street is twenty-five.  This morning, Gentry was struggling to get up, and in fact, she didn't get up until ten minutes before she was suppose to leave for school.  Hmmmm….I pondered, "Whose problem is this".  The Love and Logic response is, "Not mine".  Gentry's school enforces consequences for tardiness, so thankfully, I don't have to.  So, when we finally make it to the car, I am in no particular panic or hurry to get Gentry to school.  As we set out, there was a white car directly in front of me traveling about eighteen miles per hour (in that twenty-five zone).  Old me would have been bothered and quite annoyed on a school day when Gentry was late.  But, yay for this Love and Logic parent, because there was no need to feel stressed . The white car in front of us soon slowed. I slowed.  Then the car (kind of) pulled to the side of the road.  I stopped.  It pulled back onto the road and continued at an even slower pace and all the while I'm thinking, "This is so great to not be stressed out about this situation" and "Dang! I'm quite proud of myself for not going into road-rage mode".  Then, suddenly, the car completely stops in the middle of the road, no signaling of intentions, just a dead stop.  At this point I'm thinking, "This person must be texting or something and not even realize I'm behind them."  So, I give a little tap of my horn (not the lay on it 'your aggravating me tap', but the 'hi, just want to make sure you see me tap').  No response, so I pull out from behind the car to pass it.  As we are passing, the passenger rolls down her window.  Gentry and I are suddenly met with the large, round, red, and very irate face of a women who spits out this lovely phrase, "Get off my #&$%@!!!" As my mouth drops, I can't help but do anything but laugh as Gentry and I just shake our heads and look at each other in confusion.  As we continue on our way, I glanced at my clock (8:37).   And then I thought, " What is going on in this women's life that by 8:37 she is already so angry and hateful?" I thought about my new year's resolution to look for the good in people. I have no idea was going on in this woman's life, what she's experienced, or how she views the world.  My perception of life is clearly different than hers.  Our experiences shape our perception, and I decided at that moment to give her the benefit of the doubt.  I made a conscious choice not to become angry.  I didn't want to judge this women.  I actually felt sad for her.  Walking around with that kind of anger seems like a really rough way to live.  I'm trying to look for the good, and even trying to learn to love people like this women in the white car.  Because at the end of the day, I wouldn't call her my enemy, but instead I recognize her as just another person probably trying to navigate this life in the best way she can.  Aren't we all trying to do that really?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Valentine Giveaway

Good morning dear readers.  Very excited about my giveaway for February 1st.  Today featuring this lovely Valentine's "Be Mine" sign from my friend Eileen's home boutique store, Rod Works. If you happen to be local or find yourself in Utah or California, check it out.  Tons of fun home decor and prices that are crazy reasonable compared to most boutiques!
          {How to enter}
1. Become a follower of terra's earth (by liking terra's earth on facebook OR via google friends connect.)
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me how you follow.
3. Also leave a contact email (with comment) if it's not linked to your profile (so I can let you know if you win:)

One winner will be selected from the comments using and announced on February 9th, 2015

{the giveaway closes on February 8th,  2015 at midnight}
{contest open to those residing in the intercontinental u.s.-no p.o. boxes please)