Sunday, January 30, 2011


I've started to charge Drew five dollars every time he's not wearing his rubber bands (for braces).  Tonight we were "cashing out" for the week. The total was $15.00 for rubber bands plus $10.00 for not finishing his laundry. Grand total, $25.00, much to his dismay. So, after arguing about why he shouldn't be charged, he returns to the room and basically throws the money my way with a half smile, half grimace. My response, "You did not just throw money at your mom!"  His response, "No, I didn't" (as he picks the cash up off the floor),  "but I wish someone would throw money at me!" Hee, love that boy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year! 2011

Wow, I actually succeeded in finding my blog....I guess I missed 2010. I had such good intentions. Being put in as ward RS president Feb of 2010 may have something to do with not having a post for the whole year. And, I decided I didn't have time to blog. But, tonight Gentry and I were reading from her baby book. I tried to journal in it here and there, and it was so fun to read together tonight. SO, I might try to blog again, more as a journal.
My day, January 21st, 11
Visited with PJ this morning..... lots of hugs, she has stage 4 cancer.
Picked up my debit card that I left at Grimaldi's pizza last night.......Love their pizza!
Made trail mix (at Drew's request), and packed a tinfoil dinner for Drew's campout tonight......Mormon Battalion Trail.
Made grilled cheese and tomato soup for Gentry and Sierra (and wondered if G will ever like anything else!)
Watched Sadie (my junior) head out the door to see Seth and friends at a bond fire.
Watched American Idol with G and Sierra......Huge void without Simon (in our opinion).
Read a chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods" to G and thought about how much simpler life was then.
Remembered Gentry as a baby and felt sad that I don't have babies anymore.
Thought about how blessed I am.
Tucked Sierra in with a back/scalp tickle, and thought about reminding her that she needs to clean her room tomorrow, then refrained.
Arrived at this computer to try and locate my blog (success) in cyber-space.....
Waiting for my teenager to come home.
***Picture from Gentry's baptism in December****