Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pomp and circumstance

When she was two, it was something I couldn't imagine.  When she was six, it seemed like an abstract idea.  When she was twelve, I wished the years would pass by more slowly.  When she was fifteen, I started counting those years.  When she was seventeen, it was real.  

Sadie graduated last thursday on the twenty-fourth of may, and the final high school year closed for the class of 2012. For me, it was one of those peaceful, yet powerful times as a mom when I felt true "joy in the journey" as I watched one part of Sadie's life end, and another begin.    

So, here it is from the top...perhaps my record for pics in a single blog, but I want to remember every detail from this day.

Mid morning...Collin and Jackson setting up  music for the grad party...

and Sadie doing decorations (not pictured-Gregg and I running around with our heads cut off to sam's club, a to z rental, and the grocery store just to name a few for final party supplies). 

Our family arrived for a quick "before" graduation dinner celebration.

Right before they arrived, Sadie's phone mysteriously quite working.  She took it in stride (for awhile) until all of her emotions of the day started to catch up with her. I mean really? How can you do graduation day without a phone?  
The situation was quickly remedied when Gregg explained that he had to shut down her old phone to activate her new iPhone. Yes, she forgave him.
And before I could blink, it was time for us to head to the stadium.  So, we managed a few quick family pics.

Jade thought the horses looked like more fun, but came back for our group shot.

And this whole time I'm thinking to myself, "slow down, slow down!" as the hour drew closer.

We arrived to find the stadium filling up quickly.  We headed to the very top row of the bleachers which turned out to be fabulous. We were able to stand up whenever we needed to and it was easy for Sadie to see us in the crowd.  

My heart was in my throat during this next picture.  The speakers projected "pomp and circumstance", and I searched for a kleenex in my purse as the procession entered the stadium.  Right before that  Gregg and I were both texting Sadie back and forth....

This was the dialogue...
     Me, "We are on very back row of east side almost center of bleachers (50 yrd line)...level with last row of chairs 4 grads....oh my goodness!!!! Your about to graduate!!!!!!!"

     Sadie, "Tee hee:) here we come!"

    Sadie, "I just got by my seat! Do you see me?"
       Me, "Yep, do you see us?"
    Sadie, " Yeah i see ya:)"

The arizona heat can be brutal this time of year.  This night was an exception.  We were treated to this strong breeze all evening, and a temperature of under a hundred.

Ok, just had to include this cause I love drew's hair.

Hee...the parents were excited.

And as the sun set....

it was official.  Our text conversation continued...
     Me, "You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     Sadie, "I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)"

Through the years, Sadie has been blessed by some amazing friends.

After pictures, I quickly returned home in anticipation of the hundred and twenty kids that would eventually stop by for our grad party.  I (of course) had planned to get more pictures...
but somewhere after this one, I was seriously too tired to take anymore (and that is saying something).  Instead, I found a nice chair and sat down to chat with a few of our other chaperones.  

This is the last picture I took.  It was 2:45 am.  I stood on the back porch, looked out into the night and listened to the stillness.  The kids were gone, the fireworks were done, the music had stopped, and Sadie had graduated.  I took a deep breath, and smiled.  My life is so good.  What an adventure it's been so far. 
She's ready...
and I can't wait to read the next chapter.