Friday, June 27, 2014


Tomorrow.  Time to mark one more thing off my bucket list.  It's Yellowstone or bust. 
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

guess what day it is, guess what day it is!?!

It's official!  Today, June 25th, marks Sadie's "hump day" as they call it in the mission field.  And I think Bon Jovi sang it best…"Ohhhh, we're half way there.." cause I kind of felt like singing today to think we've finally reached this milestone. To celebrate, I asked a few family members and friends to help create this….
a big old banner full of love.

There were thoughts of encouragement, fabulous drawings and pictures, and even a little spending cash (with the pink ribbon pictured above)….

Every page was wonderful, and this was my favorite...
because there are only a very few people in the word that Gregg would break out his markers and drawings skills for, and Sadie's one of them.

And I've decided, since I've managed to be okay for the last nine months,  I will find a way to be okay for the next nine months. 

Because, Sadie is still Sadie, even in Texas. 

She still gets bruises...

 and rides bikes...

 and hangs out with boys who are kind of weird sometimes...

and tries new foods….
and speaks a little spanish...

and gives the peace sign in 80% of her pics….

and goes bowling….

and makes new friends….

and eats in mexican restaurants...

and learns new things…(like how to "break the wrist and walk away" from her karate friend).

But, the best indicator that Sadie is still Sadie is this…She still finds her greatest joy by sharing this simple message…..God loves us, He knows each one of us personally, and He wants us to be happy.  

 Nine months ago Sadie set out to share this message and she has, again and again.   Shelby (pictured above) is getting baptized this weekend. For the next nine months, Sadie will continue to have the privilege of sharing this message.  And I will close this post with Sadie's own words from a recent email,

 I like what Parley P. Pratt said " When the Spirit of God is upon me, I like to think it matters little what I suffer." So true. I'm going to rely on the Lord again because I know I cannot do this by myself. I love this work so so so much!! Thank you for your uplifting words and awesome encouragement. I try to represent the Maughan name as best as I can, and more importantly, my Savior Jesus Christ! 

How I love my missionary.

Monday, June 23, 2014

some one on one

How was your weekend?  Ours was quiet and even (dare I say) blissful. For the first time in forever, I had no deadlines, no where I had to be, and nothing that I had to be doing.  Drew spent Friday and Saturday in Santa Barbara at a LAX tourney, and the girls and I spent time eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and talking and laughing, and it was so very nice.  With Drew and Sierra in summer school, I've been taking advantage of that one on one time with Gentry. Last week we had a breakfast date (with this cinnamon roll on steroids)..
  and then we made strawberry and raspberry freezer jam.  Gentry even made the last two batches herself.
By the way, if you've never made freezer jam, don't be afraid to try.  I just use the recipe on the sure-jell box and it is so easy.  If you've never made it before, start by just doing a couple of batches for practice.  One little tip…don't double the batch….the consistency won't be right.  But, if you want to mass produce (like we did) you can (after a little practice) make multiple batches at the same time.  We made sixteen jars in about four hours. I literally had four pans going with the pectin at the same time,  and four large bowls for mixing the sugar.  It was a fun project.  Gentry loved making her jam, and I felt like a good mom teaching her how.   I love those days.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

escaping the heat

It's that time of year in AZ.  Triple digits:(   No worries.  The last week of  May we headed to beautiful (and cool) Flagstaff for  our annual church "girls camp" .  I was the camp director this year and Gregg was graciously my right hand man (so to speak)…. running a shooting range, and then horseback rides for 38 girls and leaders. Good thing he's a cowboy.

 If you ever go to Flagstaff, do check out this place….Flagstaff Extreme Rope Course.
Six courses increasing in difficulty.  Lots of zip lines ending in the last course which boast a sixty foot climb. 

 You have to finish all six courses to buy this t-shirt.  These were our victors.

And in between all that climbing, we made room for some downtime.

 And shooting lessons.

 And crafts, because I don't think you can have a girls camp without crafts, can you?

And this was my favorite.  The girls hand stitched over seventy teddy bears that will be shipped to children in Africa through and organization called Hope Arising.

 And then there was that trail ride.

Camp Theme.

Good times, and then, because we had such a fun time, last weekend, we went back to Flagstaff with the fam.

 And Gregg and I celebrated our anniversary and twenty-three years together.

And this little surprise was courtesy of Gregg's mom and dad who also happened to be in Flag.

 And last but not least.  In between all this, these two plowed through two weeks of summer school.  And Sierra is now officially in high school.  
 And that my friends, is our summer so far.