Monday, August 25, 2014


On October 11th I will be "competing" (mostly against myself) in my third sprint triathlon. Check the details here if you happen to be local cause it's a really fun race and you might even want to join me!  And when I get to that last 5K leg of the race,  it's all about the music.  Last years playlist went something like this…

1. It's my Life-Bon Jovi
     I am a product of the eighties, and every proper playlist (in my opinion) will include a little BonJovi, and the chorus of this song reminds me (when I do that "brick" transition from bike to run) that no one is going to do this race for me. 

2. Counting Stars-One Republic

3. Red Hands-Walk Off the Earth

4. Move Along-All American Rejects

5. Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

6. Try-Pink

7. Jump, Jive an' Wail-The Brian Setzer Orchestra

7. Higher-Creed

8. Sing-My Chemical Romance
    The very best "finish this thing!!!" kind of song….especially toward the end when it says, "Keep running!".  This is always the last song on my list before I cross the finish line.  

And now, dear readers….a little help?  I know a lot of you out there are runners.  And aside from my traditional first and last song, it's time to shake up the playlist. What are your favorite, "Let's do this", "I will not stop", "Kick it out" songs?!?  Tell me about them here or on my Facebook page.  Thank you, You Rock!
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

summer wrap-up

I'm doing a little speed blogging here…This puppy thing is crazy and I kind of feel like a have a (super cute) two year old again.  I hope to get back to some writing someday soon, but for now, I wanted to add a few more pics from our RV trip.
In total we traveled over two thousand miles. The Grand Teatons reminded me of a scene from Walter Mitty.  And although we didn't bring our skateboards, we did bring our bikes. And to complete the experience, I even played a little "dirty paws" on my iphone while we road.

Another highlight…..this random (legit) cowboy that showed up our of nowhere and herded these buffalo.  

We spent the fourth in Jackson Hole, WY. 

FYI….Jackson Hole has the best fireworks show I've ever scene.  

And as we began our long journey home,  Gregg, being Gregg said, "I think we need to stop at Lagoon for a couple of hours."  Lagoon is this amusement park in Utah where Gregg and I had one of our first dates. Me, "Really, you want to stop off and do a couple of roller coasters before you drive nine more hours?"  He was adamant. It turned out to be one of our kids favorite stops.  And we actually payed someone to strap Sierra and Drew to this harness and drop them into flight three hundred feet above the ground. Adrenaline junkies.

Finally, it was the swings for the last ride of the day before the long journey home.
I always look forward to adventures with my family, and in seven months, those adventures will once again include Sadie.   And that, my friends, is a happy little thought.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Meet Navy

Our eleven week old silver lab puppy. We are in love, and Gregg is kind of tired.  He  signed up for the night shift last night. And Navy wasn't tired.

Friday, August 8, 2014


I've been nesting all week.  It started on Monday when Drew and I cleaned the garage for four hours.  It continued into the house as I attacked every cupboard, drawer, nook, and shelf with the vacuum and pledge.  This was followed by the removal of every bit of clutter (in all it's many forms) that I could gather and bag (Goodwill is loving me). Because tonight, we will bring home our newest family member,  traveling all the way from Michigan.
Pictures tomorrow.

And on Wednesday, high school was in session.
Happiest Friday to you!

Monday, August 4, 2014

i am such a brat

Monday morning, and "go me!"  cause I already made it to the gym.  So I arrive early,  hit my playlist, and away I go (kind of) on my stationary bike.  My gym has twelve bikes.  The six to my left are open and the man riding on my right is a few down.   And just when I am getting past that painful first five minutes and feeling my playlist,  this old guy pulls up and jumps on the bike right next to me.  And I am SO annoyed.   I mean, if the gym is packed, and it's the only bike I get that…but really guy?  Can't we enjoy a little personal space since it's available.  I have issues. And I remind myself to be kind (even though he smells like fast food).  So I have to remind myself again.  Anyone else get bugged by this?  Am I a shallow person? Whatever.
On to other news. Our last child started her last day of grade school today.  
And yes, I felt a little sad, cause I always do when my kids go back to school. 
And just like that, she was outta here.  
Happy Monday.