Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

It's raining and it's graduation day for the valley's senior class.  Weird, it rained last year on graduation day too.  Our family also had a graduation today, one of the kindergarten kind.  Yes, Gentry Alyse, our youngest child graduated today from Mrs. Peluso's kindergarten class.  She is now a first grader and I am sad, but o.k. The songs were darling and the words sweet.  Gentry had a most important part in the reading of, "The Very Hungry Kindergartener"(catapillar).  "So they ate four peaches, but they were still hungry!"  I love that little girl.
Sierra Olivia earned the distinction of having the highest reading score in her class, for which she was honored at the awards assembly.  Mrs.  Whittaker also crowned her the queen of Hogwarts.  If you need to know anything about the series, and I do mean anything, she's your gal.  Sierra Olivia...I love my Sierra Olivia.
     Drewby spent his new found summer freedom in the pool with his "Friday Night Frenzy" gang.  The boy loves to hang with his posse. He is a good egg (as I like to tell him frequently:)  He usually responds with, "Thanks mom, you're a good hen." 
And then, there's the teenager. Sadie is now officially a sophmore.  I remember when I was a sophmore.  I feel old.  But, I love teenagers, and I am really enjoying her.  Sadie was the baby that made me a mommy.  I am so blessed.  My life is good. And, it's raining.  I love the rain.