Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a passport, some bobbie pins, and thank you fed ex

In June Gregg and I will be taking Drew on a senior trip to Australia.  Cheap airline tickets are one of perks of Gregg's frequent flier schedule.  Today Drew and I ventured out to the local government office to apply for his passport.  What followed was an all day ordeal.  Trip #1...We walk right in to the office (no line) and present the lady with all of his documentation.  After reviewing things, she points out that, get this, Drew's hair is so large (a.k.a the flow) it's falling outside what the state department will accept for picture parameters. She also tells us Walgreens should have known this when they took the picture.  So, we leave this office, head back outside to our 99 degree Arizona day and drive to Walgreens.  The women at the photo counter there starts taking pictures, but Drew's hair is still falling way outside the little oval guide on her screen.  Solution?  Bobbie pins that I purchase on the spot.  And picture this....Drew pearched on a stool and me giving him a make-over right there in Walgreens trying to tame his curly blonde mane.  Twelve bobbie pins later Drew has a new do that he dubs "imo-skater boy" and we're on our way back to the government office with his new pictures.   Trip #2- This time there is a wait.  When our number is called  we meet a different lady behind the counter.  She takes one look at his birth certificate  and tells us that the year it was issued, the state of AZ omitted info that is now needed to get a passport (for real?). She also informs us that if we make a short fifteen minute drive to another records office, we can get a corrected new one issued.  Soooo...back to the heat, back to the car, and into another government office.  With the new birth certificate, we race back to the the passport office (and arrive ten minutes before they close) to wait in another line.  This time a third lady helps us.  After sifting through all of our papers, she sees Drew's old passport from ten years ago and says, you know you could have just used this instead of getting a new birth certificate?!  SMACK MY HEAD.  But hey, the third time was a charm.  And although it was kind a long day, it was a good day, because I got to spend it with this kid.

And one other fabulous thing I must share.  Yesterday the fed ex guy really did deliver.  A dress.  For me.  For Sadie's wedding.  That I LOVE.  Breathing a big sigh of relief tonight.  And now dear readers, I'm ready for bed.  
It's almost the weekend, right?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

fish wisdom and wedding panic

Last night I crawled into bed very late.  About five minutes later I had the closest thing to an anxiety attack that I've had in a long time as it hit me....Sadie and Andy's wedding is four weeks ago. Then, my brain just went crazy running through everything I still need to do.  At the top of the list, I still haven't found a dress to wear. I did have one, I mean, I am type A Terra.  I purchased one several weeks ago, two actually of the same dress.  I needed one for fabric to do a few alterations.  But then, I somehow managed to give the wrong size dress to my seamstress to be altered and the one that fit me is now in pieces. A dress fiasco.  She did her very best to fix it, but now there's just bad Karma involved. Last night I spent about four hours acquainting myself with every last dress site on the internet.   I'm sure it will work out.  At least that's what I kept telling myself last night.  The fed ex man is going to be making a few visits to my house this week.  Hoping one of the new dresses will work.  This morning I started yet another "to do" wedding list and tried to get all of that stress down on paper.  And even as I'm typing this I had to pause to write down four more things I just thought of.

Sometimes when it feels like things are coming undone in our house, I will laugh and start chanting  to my kids, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming".  There is some serious wisdom in Dory's mantra. 

Happy Tuesday.  I hope your morning isn't requiring a life jacket.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

once I was seven years old

Once upon a time these kids were little....the closest of friends...

and then suddenly, they were seniors...

graduating in just six short weeks.

(and thx Aidan O'Hare for these amazing pics!)