Monday, January 25, 2016

january 2016 giveaway

I am in love….with this heart shaped waffle iron from Crate and Barrel.
photo credit crate and barrel
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Friday, January 22, 2016

outta here

Wednesday morning our dog Navy was munching on her breakfast when someone she didn't know (a painter working in our home) walked in and startled her.  She immediately started barking (with her mouth full) and then started violently choking. After a few minutes, she seemed okay, but then throughout the day continued to make this kind of bizarre coughing sound that was not good.  By yesterday morning, I was concerned and  I took her to our local emergency animal hospital.  This is also where she had hip surgery as a puppy.  She hates the place.  As soon as I took her inside, she started shaking uncontrollably and trying to get away.  Not fun.  Finally, a tech took her to the back for an exam.  One hour and a few x-rays later, the vet concluded that she simply had a scratched throat and that she should be fine.  As I was checking out at the front desk, I heard some commotion in the back followed by a vet tech yelling, "Navy!….  Loose Dog!"  At this point, I could see, through a back office door, Navy sprinting down the hallway.  I came around the checkout desk just to see her round the corner and haul toward me in full flight followed by two vet techs yelling, "Loose dog!!!"  I kneeled down calling to her and tried to stop her.  She sprinted past me, smiling as if to say, "Hey Terra, thanks for coming to get me, but can't stop now!"  and proceeded to run right out the automatic doors and into the parking lot.  I ran after her calling, "Navy let's go home!"  Upon hearing this she located our suburban and sat down quietly next to it, waiting for me to open the door.  The vet techs showed up then, breathless, and upon seeing the scene one commented, "Are you kidding me?!" The whole thing reminded of the movie Homeward Bound, and I couldn't help laughing the rest of the day knowing that, in Navy's mind, she had made a successful prison break.  And I also couldn't help but imagine some of what her dog monolog must have sounded like ….."See ya suckas, I'm outta here!"  Cannot wait for the next time I get to take my fully empowered, ninety four pound lab to the vet.
photo credit Sierra

Have a wonderful weekend dear readers.  I hope it's filled with the people (and pets)  you love the most.

(and p.s.  Don't forget that Monday will be the next giveaway!)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

thx van halen

I heart Saturdays. I started this one off by giving the dog a bath.  Then, just for kicks, I gave the cat one too (she was less than grateful). And then, it was off to airport, so Gregg could get on another plane.  As I drove away I felt that familiar weight on my heart.  This is the life we chose almost twenty-five years ago, but  good-bye is still good-bye, no matter how many times you have to say it.  I tried to regroup and turned on the radio.  Sirius classic rewind  was playing, girl, you really got me now by Van Halen. Hee…instant smile as I turned it up and was transported back to my big hair, big eighties,  and the girl who loved an epic guitar solo days. And I thought, "Hey, I remember me!"  Lately, I've felt that familiar edge of depression sitting on my chest.  I guess it may be something I will occasionally have to battle the rest of my life.  It's crazy though how music always help me connect with who I am.  That internal soundtrack of my life has this power to pull me out of dark places by just bringing up a memory of a different me in a different time. Like the eighties.   In a few weeks, I'll be the one boarding a plane traveling to Milwaukee.  There I will meet up with some of my very favorite eighties peeps for a quick girls weekend reunion. Looking forward to a lot of laughing, and remembering and well….mostly just laughing.
Happy Saturday.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I dragged mysel to the gym this morning. I didn't want to go.  I felt tired and it had been a short night. BUT…the goals I was telling you about?  Well, exercising three times a week each week in 2016 is one of them.  So, I made it to the gym and biked ten miles and listened to my playlist and congratulated myself for being there.  And when I left I felt awake and happy and reminded myself that no matter how I wish there was an easier substitute, physical exercise is just something I have to do to be happy.  So, yeah, I checked that goal off at 8:15 this morning.

Under the area of spiritual goals for this year…. Find thirty minutes a day five days a week to read, ponder, pray and listen to what my Heavenly Father would have me know and do regarding myself and my family.  Mormon meditating if you will.  Because I have found, that just like exercise, this is something I am kind of a mess without. But when I make the effort, the payoff is huge….. as in more patience, more joy, and more understanding of the significance of my journey here on this third rock from the sun.

Another goal for the new year, and this one falls under the category of "emotional goals"…..Read six book in 2016.   I love to read, but it's a rare occurrence.  Mostly because 1).  it has to be a really good, worthwhile book with some kind of positive message (which sometimes seem in short supply) and 2).  ADD=me. And by the way, I'd love a little help with this goal.  If you have a book that you love and would recommend, please tell me about it here or my fb page. Thx you rock.

My other goals all focus on my family and trying to continue to serve them and love them with all of me.  This is always (cumulatively) what brings me the most happiness. Real happiness.  Lasting happiness.

SO...Bring on this new year.  I'm ready.  Show me what you've got TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN.

Monday, January 11, 2016

I will...

Musings from the kitchen pig.

So, new start, new year, right? So far, the year 2016 has the potential to be one of our busiest  yet with a wedding, a graduation, and a another mission.  The tick, tick, tick of some unseen clock seems to constantly echo inside my head.  In an effort to restore some mental balance, yesterday I took some time to actually write down my new year's goals  in my good old fashioned, paper and pen journal. It's funny how this simple exercise has already given me some new energy and light on this Monday morning. I feel that so often I become ensnared in that trap of taking care of the immediate, day to day, "have-to's" without devoting time to the things that will actually matter in ten years. Even as I started to sit down to type this post, the dryer signaled that my whites are now dry.  I had a short discussion with myself, remembered my new goals, and then sat down to type. I mean really, the laundry will still be sitting in the dryer when I'm done. But, I only get to do this day once.   In 2016 I want to start living more purposefully.  I want to find a a way to make each hour in the day contribute cumulatively to something of worth and value. And tomorrow, I think I'll share a few of my goals (blog more, check!)
What are some of your New Year's goals?   

Saturday, January 2, 2016

she said yes

 These two….

have decided …...

to make it official.

Because last night Andy asked...
 and Sadie said, "yes".

And now I will be entering yet another new phase of motherhood.   Or should I say mother-in-law hood?

We love Andy and couldn't be happier that these two amazing people found each other.  

Happiest New Year.