Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the 29th

I can remember being little and feeling so bad for those kids who had a "leap year" birthday.  From my teachers explanation, those kids only had a birthday once every four years.  It was perplexing to me.  Even now, I still feel a little bad for people with leap year birthdays.  I'm sure most of them probably don't mind.  My unrest with this situation probably can be traced back to my "type a" personality.  I just like order.  A fluctuating birthday celebration date just kind of disturbs me.   Speaking of birthdays,  three of our four kids were born on holidays.  Convenient, huh?

Gentry was born on thanksgiving.

Drew was born on Veteran's day.

Sadie was born on Labor day (no pun intended).

Sierra, well, she is the third child.  She is the non-conformist. She is also the only child who does not routinely get school off for her birthday.  If given a choice, she'd still choose to be the  non-conformist.
Hope your having a happy February 29th.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wicked weekend

Our weekend.  ASU Gammage auditorium for Wicked.  My second time, Sadie and Sierra's first.  
We all loved it.  The best part for me?  When Sierra turned to me at the end and said
That was awesome mom! Thank you SO much for taking us!
Because really, as a mom, there is nothing sweeter for me than a random, unsolicited expression of gratitude from one of my kids. 

 Sunday night I invited a few of the "widows" (my friends whose husbands were traveling like Gregg) and their families for dinner.  After, every kid managed to find something on wheels to travel the neighborhood.  I do love a parade.

Friday, February 24, 2012

latest find

I saw these "perpetual" calendars in a  boutique about a year ago.  I've been looking for them online, and finally success.  Here's the link... rsh catalog.  Love the idea of not having to find a new calendar every year to go with with my decor.  Of course, I still have my "mom" calendar. You know, the one with 50 appointments written down for the month.

Speaking of calendars, this is what's on our's for the weekend.
Feeling VERY popular!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i can't drive 55

And actually, it's 45 (our in-city speed limit).  August is the magic month for me this year.  The month I'll be eligible to attend traffic school again.  The last time I attended, it was the "all day" deal (something about me having too many tickets, not enough points).  Yes, it was that class that all the DUI ers get to attend.  The first question the instructor asked each person...
     So, what'd ya blow?  (apparently she was referring to the their breathalizer test)
When she got to me...
     Ummm..yeah, I'm just here cause I got too many tickets?
I must tell you I did not belong in that group.  But, I do have a little problem with speeding.  And, unfortunately, it's an ongoing problem.  Lately, I've been setting my cruise control (to 49) and hitting the resume button after every stoplight just to be safe.  This little problem goes right along with my OCD.  Having to take time to travel from point A to point B multiple times a day as a mom is sometimes more than I can take.  I know, it's not like I have a choice.  Not to mention, I'm usually late for something.  But, 45 mph is such a snail's pace compared to the lightening speed of the monologue in my head.
  Need to drop off the dry cleaning, forgot to call her back, Drew needs new contacts,  wish I wouldn't have worn these jeans, can't believe the political scene, worried about the kids latest friend problems, gotta get to bed sooner tonight, Gregg and I so need a date night, need to do more flashcards with Gentry, how am I gonna get 3 kids 3 different places at the same time...and on and on and on.

And, before I know it, my accelerator foot is trying to keep up with the monologue.  Vicious cycle.  Keep your fingers crossed until August.  Because not having my license would be an equally difficult problem.  Gotta go, I'm late.

Monday, February 20, 2012

just ride

Gentry has been grumpy for what seems like forever.  You know how your kids go through those phases.    It occurred to me the other day that the "grumpy" started soon after her soccer practices ended.  Hmmm....solution.....exercise.  On Saturday, Gentry, Sadie, and I  took a 9 mile bike ride.  Result...A happier Gentry the rest of day.  The older I get the more I appreciate the importance of eating right, exercise, and sleep ( does anyone ever really get enough?).   And of course, this applies to our kids too. This morning G and I managed a 4 mile ride.  Then, Shelby called and wanted her to go on another ride.  Looking for a happy disposition from the youngest child for the rest of the day.  Fingers crossed. Cause you know my post about "shipping them to China"? Well.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last night our whole family went to Mi Amigos (fav Mexican spot) for a Friday night dinner.  The fact that we had all the kids with us was an anomaly.  With two teens and a tween, someone is usually with friends on Friday nights.  Anyway, Sadie got a call from Jenna (her lifelong friend from age 3)  saying that some of the new admit lists for BYU were posted on their website.  I quickly got out my phone and starting snapping pics. She told Sadie to look up the status of her app.  AHHH...she's in!  It's real.  In September, Sadie is Brigham Young University bound.  And, as soon as she got the news, I looked across the table at Sierra.  She looked like she was going to cry (I'm glad it's not always me).  This means she really is leaving! May I express in text?    :(

OK, not a great quality pic, but basically it said, Dear Sadie, You're accepted.
Yes, we will be visiting Sadie for some hiking and skiing... Utah mountains.
                        This where Gregg and I met almost 22 years ago.....full circle I guess.  
And, I know that's the way it's supposed to be.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tennis anyone?

Why we live in AZ.  Tennis in February.
(Remind me of this in July)

 We love Ms. Linda, she is the VERY best.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My very favorite date night location...Melting Pot

Their best cheese fondue?....Wisconsin-Trio, duh. I'm a midwest gal.... and I actually own a cheesehead.

Happy Valentine's

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dayton's Legs

Very busy weekend.  Tonight I attended an LDS  leadership training.  This training was broadcast around the world.  

Mr. Hayward is Sadie's pre-calc teacher this year.  Mr. Hayward's son, Dayton, has cerebral palsy. Tonight, as part of the training, we watched this beautiful film clip.
                 Dayton's Legs
This is an amazing story of friendship between two boys, Spencer and Dayton.
This story makes me want to be a better person.  Tuesday we celebrate "love"...truly there is no greater love then when we love one another.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

love is the air

.....and chocolate has found it's way back to my house (again).  Just when you thought you'd recovered from Christmas.
happy february

Friday, February 3, 2012

guitars and a band

Five months ago, Sadie decided to take guitar lessons.  Last weekend she had her first recital. Gregg was on the road, so I videoed it for him (and missed it with tech problems).  Luckily, our good friend Andrew had his camera rolling (thanks Andrew!).  I send the video to Gregg.  He watches it and texts me back something so sweet about Sadie.  I get this text the next day when I'm standing in the checkout line at Fry's. And then, waterworks as I realize that, although Gregg won't admit it, he is also feeling the reality of how short our time is with Sadie  before she leaves for college.  The video explains.....

You leave home, you move on, and you do the best you can....
My "seasoned" friends say the anticipation of your kids leaving home is worse than when they actually leave.  I hope that's true, because the anticipation is kinda brutal.  

 Enough with the sad. Garin and Lisa's daughter McKenna also performed.  Sadie and the boys did the "band" thing for her. McKenna is only 14. Watch for her on Idol in about two years.  Amazing.  


Here's a little pic of the band.

Rock on.