Wednesday, October 30, 2013

deep thoughts and chicken feet

The other day I was driving home through our neighborhood.  Lots of our neighbors have chickens (along with cows and horses and other barnyard dwellers).  As I was driving, I happened to notice a particular chicken in our neighbor's yard.   This chicken had large bunches of feathers growing on it's feet, and they looked furry.  Truly,  this chicken could have been a hobbit (except for the fact that it was a chicken).  But anyhoo, this was my next thought, I wonder if the other chickens ever feel bad that they don't have furry feet? No really, I said that (in my brain).  And then I laughed, imagining the other chickens comparing themselves, "Matilda has the prettiest, featheriest feet.  Why can't I have feet like that?"  And then, once I was done laughing at my own monologue (cause I am my own party), I started to really think about how this little chicken scenario could be taken a step further.  Like to real life.  As a mom of three girls, and a women myself, I am painfully aware of how often we, as women (or teenagers), compare ourselves to others.   It's something I've tried to stop doing my whole life, but an area that always needs correction and improvement.  What if we could just live our lives (like the chickens) without worrying about how we're perceived in the eyes of others? Hmm...what if?  Things to think about.  And btw, I'm not saying that I'd like to be a chicken ( I mean we all know where tonight's enchiladas originated).  I'm just saying that I don't think God's individual plan for each of us included us beating ourselves up for who we're not.   If I could instill just one belief in each of my children, it would be for them to have an understanding of God's love for them as unique individuals.  I mean, what if we were all exactly the same? Boring.   I feel truly sad for Miley and all the other young women out there who buy into the belief of what the world thinks they should be.  I think God's plan for us is infinitely better.  Maybe I should invite her over for some fried chicken and we could discuss it.  Or maybe chicken cacciatore. Or maybe we'll just have steak.

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