Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year! 2011

Wow, I actually succeeded in finding my blog....I guess I missed 2010. I had such good intentions. Being put in as ward RS president Feb of 2010 may have something to do with not having a post for the whole year. And, I decided I didn't have time to blog. But, tonight Gentry and I were reading from her baby book. I tried to journal in it here and there, and it was so fun to read together tonight. SO, I might try to blog again, more as a journal.
My day, January 21st, 11
Visited with PJ this morning..... lots of hugs, she has stage 4 cancer.
Picked up my debit card that I left at Grimaldi's pizza last night.......Love their pizza!
Made trail mix (at Drew's request), and packed a tinfoil dinner for Drew's campout tonight......Mormon Battalion Trail.
Made grilled cheese and tomato soup for Gentry and Sierra (and wondered if G will ever like anything else!)
Watched Sadie (my junior) head out the door to see Seth and friends at a bond fire.
Watched American Idol with G and Sierra......Huge void without Simon (in our opinion).
Read a chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods" to G and thought about how much simpler life was then.
Remembered Gentry as a baby and felt sad that I don't have babies anymore.
Thought about how blessed I am.
Tucked Sierra in with a back/scalp tickle, and thought about reminding her that she needs to clean her room tomorrow, then refrained.
Arrived at this computer to try and locate my blog (success) in cyber-space.....
Waiting for my teenager to come home.
***Picture from Gentry's baptism in December****

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