Monday, June 10, 2013

june ten on ten

My first ten on ten
Ten photos, ten consecutive hours. 

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
bike ride with sadie
back yard adventure...
arizona style

the "have to's"

my girls being girls

sierra on dinner prep

and finally at dusk
re-poting....petunias out, vincas in


Kerri said...

Wow, what a great set of photos! I think I've participated for 3 years now and still don't take pictures like that! LOVE your daughter's bike...super cute!

Bron said...

What a fun day you all the summer feel..unlike our Winter down here. Glad I popped in for a look. xx

Shelley McGrew said...

These are a great set of photos... pumpkin muffins right out of the gate in the morning - Wow! (Terrific eye for composition and lighting.)

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

UH- i am dying ove that bike. absolutely adorable!! looks like a great day!!

twinkietotmom said...

You just made me realize pumpkin does not need to be reserved just for fall! Mmmm, I could taste a pumpkin muffin now!

oliveverlyblog said...

What a great set! I'm now craving pumpkin and a bike ride :)