Monday, February 3, 2014

mayo clinic

Two weeks ago, Sierra and I took trip to Rochester, Minnesota.  For over a year Sierra has battled with chronic fatigue.  You wouldn't know it from her smile, or the way she plows through day after day, but she is chronically, and painfully tired.  After numerous tests, doctors appointments and a discouraging mis-diagnosis here in Phoenix,  Gregg and I made the decision to seek answers from the pediatric unit at the Mayo clinic in MN.
     I have only good things to say about our experience.  The clinic runs like a well organized city,  and feels almost as big as one.  It's cultural melting pot with every nationality you can imagine.  Everyone was kind, and helpful, and above all, thorough.  Our patient coordinator Shelly said she sees teenagers with Sierra's case scenario almost daily.  It was so validating (for both Sierra and me) to know this is not something Sierra could just "snap out of".  After a week of testing, Shelly sent us home with what they call a "recovery" program.  Sierra and I are both very optimistic.  In between appointments, we stepped out into a ten degree day for a little photo shoot.  Since Sierra enjoys photography herself, she appreciates a good, willing subject and humored me for the seven minutes that we could hang with the cold.  My roots are midwest all the way, but ten degrees?!  

Loved this historic Barnes and Noble right outside our hotel.  

This one was taken by a really nice soccer player that we met from Dubai (trying to find answers at Mayo for a knee problem).  Best people watching ever spending time at the clinic.  
There is nothing worse then seeing your kids suffer and not being able to help.  I mean really?!  That's what moms do, we help. Feeling  incredibly grateful for the good people of Mayo clinic, and the hope that they've given us. 


Alicia said...

My prayers are with you guys! I've been to Mayo Clinic after plenty of misdiagnoses related to a stomach issue and they've always figured it out, so I'm positive this will start to work for your daughter :)

Oh, and PS 10 degrees would've been a blessing here in Iowa. Before last week we had 74 consecutive days of under 32 degrees - 24 of which were below 0! It's been a cold one here this year. Our own newscasters like to remind us it's warmer in Alaska!

Terra said...

Thx Alicia! I am very hopeful! It's so crazy the weather you guys have had! I know my daughter Sadie's friend who is on her mission in Iowa has had to stay in her apartment a lot of days because of the cold. I hope you warm up soon!!!