Wednesday, July 16, 2014

bryce canyon (again)

     Almost ten months ago, right after Gregg and I dropped Sadie at the MTC, we drove to Bryce Canyon to spend the night.  Bryce also happened to be the first stop of our rv adventure.  I cannot even explain the flood of emotion that hit me when we arrived.  Everything came back… that crazy pit in my stomach and even some tears thinking about the last time we were there. BUT, then,  after a few minutes, that horrible feeling was replaced with something kind of amazing as I realized that I wasn't in that "place" anymore.  A lot has happened since Sadie left.  And "wow" I thought, "she's already served half her mission", and I'm not stuck in that day in the past.  And the rest of our time in Bryce was fabulous.

Quote of the day at Bryce Canyon: Sierra (whose humor is more dry than the arizona desert),
                       Wow. Good thing this place is a registered national park .  It'd be tough developing it into housing.

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