Monday, August 4, 2014

i am such a brat

Monday morning, and "go me!"  cause I already made it to the gym.  So I arrive early,  hit my playlist, and away I go (kind of) on my stationary bike.  My gym has twelve bikes.  The six to my left are open and the man riding on my right is a few down.   And just when I am getting past that painful first five minutes and feeling my playlist,  this old guy pulls up and jumps on the bike right next to me.  And I am SO annoyed.   I mean, if the gym is packed, and it's the only bike I get that…but really guy?  Can't we enjoy a little personal space since it's available.  I have issues. And I remind myself to be kind (even though he smells like fast food).  So I have to remind myself again.  Anyone else get bugged by this?  Am I a shallow person? Whatever.
On to other news. Our last child started her last day of grade school today.  
And yes, I felt a little sad, cause I always do when my kids go back to school. 
And just like that, she was outta here.  
Happy Monday.

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