Monday, September 8, 2014

the bane of my existence gives a rude wake up call

How was your Monday?  Ours started out with this perfect thunder storm around 2:00 am this morning. The very best kind relief from this relentless September heat.  And as I  burrowed down in our comforter and listened to the rain I thought, "rainstorms are one of my very favorite things."  At 3:00 am this blissful sleep was interrupted by one of my most unfavorite things as Gregg flipped on the light and said, "I think a scorpion just stung me."  It had, and luckily Gregg found the foul creature and smashed it before it made it's cowardly get away. Gratefully, it wasn't as venomous as some, and Gregg's sting was manageable.  And happily, when we woke up (again) three hours later, it was still raining.  By 8:00 am it had rained over three inches which is a new state record for AZ.  And the best thing for Gentry?  They actually cancelled her school. In all my mom years, that's never happened. We are desert dwellers after all.
  Wishing you your own kind of happiness today, whatever that may be. 

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