Friday, October 10, 2014

meet the mormons

The movie Meet the Mormons was released nationally today in several U.S. cities.  Basically this documentary style movie tells of the story of six different members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka the "Mormons") living around the world.  The kids and I went to see this movie today… here's my review (for what it's worth).  
       I love that this film gives accurate information about what Mormons believe.  There are so many false (and in my opinion kind of counterintuitive) beliefs about the Mormon faith. The one that I find the strangest is that Mormons don't believe in Jesus Christ (even though His name is the title of our church).  The movie starts out by asking several people in Time Square about what they know about Mormons.  Some of the answers still surprised me (like the belief that we still practice polygamy).  Last time I checked, Gregg has only one wife (yours truly).  This opening scene also shows several clips from movies and t.v. shows mentioning Mormons that made our entire theater laugh.  
     I found all of the profiles of the six people to be interesting and a good representations of Mormon "culture".  But, there were two stories that our family loved the most entitled the "Candy Bomber" and the "Missionary Mom".  Both stories were beautiful and  inspiring.  I basically cried my entire way through the "Missionary Mom" as I thought of Sadie and all the potential she has to help others as a full time missionary in Houston.  This profile tells what I would call a "full circle" story of a mother and son and how this mom overcame incredible obstacles to find peace and happiness. 
    Overall I can highly recommend this film.  All proceeds from Meet the Mormons will be donated to the Red Cross. If you have a couple of hours this weekend, check it out. You might find out something you didn't know about this worldwide church of fifteen million people.  It's good food for thought. Happy Friday!  

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