Wednesday, November 19, 2014

things that bug

Let's talk about this one for starters.  Do you really think that it's possible that every doctor's office, insurance company, cell phone customer service number and bank that people have to call on a regular basis really have "recently changed their options" and that we really do need to "listen carefully  to the following menu"?  Or, just putting this out there, I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, it's a stall tactic used by almost every agency in existence to keep us on hold for just a little longer?  My doctor's office has been "recently" changing their options for the past six years straight.

Next. As a (kind of) runner,  I appreciate the importance of a good sock.  You know... nice fit, doesn't slip, wicks the heat, etc…. But recently there's been a disturbing trend in sock manufacturing.  I thinking  it must have originated in some obscure sock "think tank" somewhere in California.  I'm imaging the conversation went something like this,
     Okay people our socks seem to selling just fine, but we need to take it up a notch.  Today we need to find a new selling angle.  Something that will make people flock to our socks and leave the others in the dryer.  So... ideas?  How do we improve the sock?  Think people, think! And suddenly, after a tense and uncomfortable five minute silence, someone in the back of the room erupts in jubilation yelling, "I've got it!  I've got!  Lets make left and right socks!!!".  And not to be out done by the guy in the back of the room, another guy in the front jumps up and shouts, "Yes! And let's make the swoosh sign on the socks  in twenty seven-different colors!"
And all I can say is curse the sock think tank.  Because now, in addition to my most unfavorite task of sock matching, I get to match right socks to left socks and little blue Nike signs to other little blue (and red and green and orange and fushia and teal) Nike signs.  And by the way sock makers…..the only difference I notice between my homogenous socks and my left and right socks is the additional time I get to enjoy doing laundry each week.

Last.  Pepsi.  Because suddenly, Pepsi seems to be ousting Coke from each and every one of my favorite restaurant establishments.  I'm not a big soda drinker, but when I want a Coke, I want a Coke.  It's disturbing… maybe the beginning some underground communist plot.  Coke is the real thing for crying out loud.  So bugged by the replacement of a vintage classic with this weak and over sugared imitation. It's like trading  hardwood for linoleum. It's not right I tell you.

Okay, I'm done

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Courtney Watkins said...

I can totally relate. I was devastated when Costco switched to Pepsi. WHY??!