Monday, March 30, 2015

Moms Rock

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity, along with my girls, to watch a live broadcast of the General Women's Conference.  This is an annual lds church meeting for all women and girls ages eight and up.  It's  a meeting that's broadcast though out the world, and to my knowledge, the largest meeting of it's kind.  I always enjoy this opportunity to hear the different speakers and reflect on my own blessings as a mom and a women.  But there was one talk this past Saturday that I especially loved from  Bonnie L. Oscarson.  Sister Oscarson is the president of our churches young woman's organization and her talk was straight forward and very inspiring to me.  In a society where I feel like the importance of marriage and family is constantly under attack, I found her comments to be beautifully simple and yet incredibly powerful.  I especially loved her thoughts about being a "homemaker" and that all of us... moms, dads, and kids play such and important role in making our homes places of happiness and refuge from this sometimes crazy world.
My girls and friend Shelby

And the opening story she told made this "missionary mom" a little teary ( let's be honest, that's not that hard to do lately).  
Missionary Countdown= Nine Days
(As in single digits baby. Whoot,  Whoot!) 

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