Saturday, July 11, 2015

this kid

Lots of good things happening this summer, and maybe tomorrow I'll do a little catch-up.  But, I want to remember today.  

Today, the day when my seventeen year old son played tennis with me, and then stayed at a restaurant dinner table twenty minutes after everyone else had left just to talk with me and "people watch" together.    And I want to remember when we got home and discovered that Gentry had torn up her knee long boarding, and how Drew was suddenly on his knees next to her holding a wet paper towel on the blood while I found a band-aid. And I especially want to remember five minutes after that when Gentry recovered and Drew told her to grab her lacrosse stick and come with him to the beach so they could practice throwing.  

These are the days  I want to remember.  These are the days that make every single hard "mom moment" in my life beyond worth it.  These are the days of happiness.  
And he even carried my racket. 

Thank you Drew.
So grateful to be your mom. 

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