Monday, October 5, 2015

a good kind of busy

Blowing through another Monday here…kicking off a very busy week starting  tomorrow night as we host an after concert party for Sierra's entire high school choir.  Then, throw in my birthday on Friday (happy birthday to me!)  and on Saturday our annual Sprint Tri (Sadie and Gentry are both joining us this year).  Finally,  before the clock strikes midnight, that very same evening is homecoming for both Sierra and Drew.
Gentry was absolutely adamant that she wanted to do the Sprint Tri this year.  It's been quite an adventure trying to coach her.  And last night, like I do every year right before the race, I had the most bizarre dream.  I was driving this huge Winnebago RV and  Gentry was in the passenger seat.  I was panicked because I knew the RV was way to big for me to handle, but I had to drive it in order for us to finish the race.  Then suddenly, we plunged into a 50 ft. sink hole, and I woke up.  I'm sure there was a whole bunch of symbolism buried in that dream.  But really, there's no time to analyze, because we're still too busy training.  I have tried, to the very best of my ability, to help Gentry understand that if we just finish the race, and run across the finish line, we've succeeded.  And tonight I may have to break out the ambien.

 Busy.  But it's the very best kind of busy being with my family as I try to take it all in and love Drew's senior year.

Today was a most perfect 85 degrees.

Welcome FALL
(arizona style)

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Andrea said...

Lovely birthday wishes to you today! Best of luck to you and the girls tomorrow in the triathlon, keep making wonderful memories together. Blessings