Tuesday, April 5, 2016

fish wisdom and wedding panic

Last night I crawled into bed very late.  About five minutes later I had the closest thing to an anxiety attack that I've had in a long time as it hit me....Sadie and Andy's wedding is four weeks ago. Then, my brain just went crazy running through everything I still need to do.  At the top of the list, I still haven't found a dress to wear. I did have one, I mean, I am type A Terra.  I purchased one several weeks ago, two actually of the same dress.  I needed one for fabric to do a few alterations.  But then, I somehow managed to give the wrong size dress to my seamstress to be altered and the one that fit me is now in pieces. A dress fiasco.  She did her very best to fix it, but now there's just bad Karma involved. Last night I spent about four hours acquainting myself with every last dress site on the internet.   I'm sure it will work out.  At least that's what I kept telling myself last night.  The fed ex man is going to be making a few visits to my house this week.  Hoping one of the new dresses will work.  This morning I started yet another "to do" wedding list and tried to get all of that stress down on paper.  And even as I'm typing this I had to pause to write down four more things I just thought of.

Sometimes when it feels like things are coming undone in our house, I will laugh and start chanting  to my kids, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming".  There is some serious wisdom in Dory's mantra. 

Happy Tuesday.  I hope your morning isn't requiring a life jacket.  

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