Monday, May 30, 2016

where to start

As I stare at this blank screen, it’s hard to know where to begin.  I so wish I could have been actively writing during the past three weeks. Perhaps it would have helped me to process everything, but I literally have not had one spare second to sit down and type. I have never, ever had so many emotional ups and down in such a condensed period of time. It feels good to sit down now, and breath, and try and find a healthy place in my heart and mind for all of this emotion.

Sadie and Andy’s Wedding
May 7th Sadie and Andy became Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen.  The Monday before the wedding, the weather forecast suddenly showed rain.  It rarely, if ever rains in Gilbert Arizona on May 7th.  We do live in a desert after all, and although April occasionally will bring a spring storm, May is supposed to be SAFE.  “I’m sure the forecast will change,” I told myself.  Tuesday morning’s forecast continued to show rain for the weekend.  At this point, I started to panic.  The reception was an outside venue at my in-laws with a beautiful canopy of patio lights, and an enchanted forest theme complete with a canoe and even a s’mores bar… weeks of planning the perfect outdoor reception with no back up plan in place (because it’s Arizona, and it doesn’t rain on May 7th in Arizona!!). Tuesday I started making calls to local event planners trying to secure a white tent.  After finding an extremely large one that could house our venue, I had to decide, that very day, tent or hope it didn’t rain.  Sooo stressful.  In the end, we went with the tent, and guess what…no rain ( I know, right?!). 

After getting through the rain scenario, the rest of the week leading up to the wedding was kind of a blur.  Again, enough emotion to go around as we prepared to welcome family and friends traveling from out of state, finish last minute prep, and run through the days events on paper one more time. 

The night before the wedding we had the opportunity to have a very casual dinner with just family at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We invited both our family and Andy’s family that had traveled to Arizona.  This night was my very favorite.  Everyone that wanted to was invited to share thoughts, advice, or memories of the bride and groom.  There was lots of laughter, and a good amount of tears that night.  I loved getting to hear from Andy’s siblings and mom and dad as they shared funny stories and stories of Andy’s amazingly kind heart.  It was equally great to hear my own kids and family share their stories about Sadie.  As we left that night I felt a perfect peace and so much gratitude knowing that Andy would always love and take care of our daughter.

Now the next part of this post is “to be continued…”

Our photographer has up to three months to finish the editing process before we will see all of the wedding pics.  And I have more to write about May 7th.  But until then, here’s a little sneak peak …
Kristina Curtis Photography

Tomorrow …….More processing as I share my very most horrific “mom moment” to date and what happened five days after the wedding. 

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Just keep, pray and hope