Thursday, July 5, 2018

llama love

They are seriously some of the strangest creatures ever. Cuter then a baby kitten, but super feisty. Last week after some great cousin time, I got to go on an adventure with one of them. Llama love I tell you! Ours was named "A-Aron". 
So, a little background about how I found myself on this backwoods excursion.
A few years ago Sadie and Andy launched Hikrlife (@hikrlife on insta), a non-exclusive hiking meet-up club. They've done really well, and, as a celebration, when they hit 20k followers, they did this fun give away with Backcountry Logistics Llamas (@backcountry_logistics). My friend Lori entered the contest, and was one of the winners. Then, she invited me. Hee.
So, "backwoods camping" is just what it sounds like. No camp ground. No running water. No other "facilities" if you will. But that's cool, because (I reminded myself)  I can do hard things (at least for one night). So we set off on a 93 degree Utah afternoon. And after 3 miles of straight up switch backs, I decided that maybe I've been a little too much in the yoga zone and not quite enough in cardio zone. But, hey, I made it and didn't even have to ride on A-Aron (which was good because he wouldn't have let me anyway). 

To spit or to kiss. That is the question.

 No really, he liked me a lot. 

My 5 star suite.

Thanks for the invite Lori.

King of the hill.

 Love these peeps.

 Our super nice guide from Backcountry Logistics. 

( Refuses to make eye contact).

A fun little outing, and thanks A-Aron for carrying all my stuff. You are a true pal.

Wishing everyone a belated Happy 4th! 
I hope it was filled with the things that make you smile
(for us that meant my grandmas's texas sheet cake).

And Tomorrow....
My bestest news ever.....

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