Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"No sirens or lights please"

If I had a picture of what I looked right now, it would not be pretty.  Last Thursday I had surgery to repair a "deviated septum".  There's a fancy name for that surgery, but I can't remember what it is.  Fast forward to today...Tuesday.....feeling better, doing laundry, manage a shower,  and then.....Blood, lots of it. Draining from my nose like a faucet.  Sadie comes in, gets me a wash cloth that is saturated in 30 seconds.  Ugh.  "Don't pass out", I tell myself.  My brave teenager says she's calling 911.  I tell her to tell them, "no sirens or lights please."  Nice paramedics come in, assess, take me for a drive in their ambulance.  Nice doctor, nice nurses...and now, here I am home again.  Praying that it doesn't start again, and trying not to move too much. Ugh! Can I just say that again? I guess I'm a bleeder.  Good natured, soft spoken Dr. G wants to see me again tomorrow.  It's midnight and I can't sleep, so here's my (quarterly?) check-in with my blog, to be continued....  

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