Friday, September 30, 2011

"Senior Moment"

Wednesday night was our "Evening of Excellence" for Sadie and Sierra....and I had what I will call my first "senior moment".  I'm not talking about that "senior moment" involving memory loss, but rather the realization that my oldest child is a high school senior, and in a few short months, will be embarking on her own journey into adulthood.


So, I'm listening to this really sweet program...clapping....acknowledging all the girls....and admiring their dresses, when the girls come together to sing the song "Live like you believe" by Jenny Phillips. And suddenly, I'm in trouble, because that place in my heart, about six layers deep, has just been opened.  You know that hope to never accidentally stumble upon it in public.  It's really hard on the make-up and even harder to close once it's been opened.  It's that place where humans store those happy, sad, lonely, joyous, hurt, overwhelming emotions that are almost too much for the human heart to hold some times. Yeah, that place.  So, lucky for me, (post deviated septum surgery) I have lots of kleenex in my purse.  So I sit, and listen, and think about how my "senior" really has lived her life "like she believes".  And I think about her goodness and her really kind heart, and a thousand memories of our time together flood my mind (and my kleenex).  And how at that moment, I know,  being a mom is the single most important thing I will ever do....and I'm filled with gratitude toward my Heavenly Father that he let me have that privilege not once, but four times. 

Seventeen (and twelve)


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Unknown said...

Wow! The girls look beautiful! Six layers Terra! Lol! I think that my "spot" is only about about 2 layers deep. Especially these days! By the way, you are a great writer. I like reading your blog;)