Thursday, November 17, 2011


Two nights ago Gentry was playing outside.  Sierra was also somewhere in the backyard.  I was making dinner and turned around to see Gentry walk into the splotchy face, tears streaming down, and breathing really hard.
     What happened? I asked.
She went on to tell me...
      She had been playing on the long board. She decided to lie down on her back (on the board) to ride down a very slight incline at the beginning of our driveway. She gave herself a little push with her legs, and started to roll. As she was rolling, her hair was rolling too, around both of the wheels. By the time the long board stopped, she was stuck. Then she went on to say...
     Mom, I was so scared that dad would drive into the driveway and not see me (my heart did a little was already dark).  I couldn't move, I called for help, but no one heard me.  By this point, I'm feeling sick thinking about the possibilities.  So I asked her..
     So how were you able to get up?
She looked at me and responded....
     I prayed, and then all of the sudden, my hair just fell off the wheels!
And I knew, without a doubt, that our Heavenly Father answered the prayer of a sweet, eight year old child. 

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