Saturday, November 5, 2011

terrible, rotten, no good day

Today started out so nicely.  I slept in and had a lovely 25 minute shower.  Then Gregg and I took Gentry to her soccer kind of went downhill from there. G is a perfectionist.  They played the most challenging team of the season.  Final score...Leopards 0-other guys 1.  Guess who was the goalie when they scored? Yep.  So, Gentry spent the next 10 minutes telling Gregg and I that it was her fault that they lost.  We encouraged, praised, and then, I tried "tickle torture".  Unfortunately, after a brief smile, Gentry did and involuntary jerk of the arm resulting in a fist to my nose.  Yes (post deviated surgery) my nose is so much better, but the blow was delivered to the one part that still hurts.  I was glad I had my sun glasses on (FYI-if you blink and tilt your head back,  tears will go back down your throat, not down your cheeks).  So, G feels bad, my nose hurts, and Gregg drives to pick up hay for our horses before we head home.  We pull into the place, Gregg decides to back up and turn his truck around.  I'm on the phone with Sadie being informed that no one at home is doing their Saturday jobs.  As Gregg shifts into drive, I see a tree stump to our left.  I say, "watch our for that.." Bam! We hit the stump, our seat belts lock, and I have to apologize to Sadie for my "French". Gregg and I get out to find a HUGE dent in the front of his truck. We get the hay and head home.  We get home, the kids are parked in front of the TV, no work is done, and I have to get back in the car to go to the grocery store. I get to the grocery store and am so distracted, I hit a couple of isles at least three times after forgetting something.  I check out, realize I forgot a few more things, get those things, load the groceries, drive home, unload the groceries and realize I only have one hour to make chili for our ward party tonight. So, I make the chili, put it in the crock pot and decide I need to vent (blog).....Hoping the rest of the night will be a little better.

Yeah-that kind of day.

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