Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Bodies

Gregg and I try to spend "one on one" time with each of our kids at least once a month.  Last night Sierra and I decided on a  movie.  We saw the new zombie comedy "Warm Bodies".  LOVED it.  Just my kind of humor...quirky, a little dark, and off the beaten path.  Plus,  a great soundtrack loaded with some 80's classics. Kind of reminded me of "Edward Scissorhand's" .  You can check the details on Kids in Mind.  Definitely not for Gentry. After the movie, on the drive home, we turned up the radio for Fergie's "Big girls don't cry". We both sang obnoxiously loud, and I remembered how great it is to have fun with my kids.  And also how much I enjoy doing something besides laundry.

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Unknown said...

Cuties. Love you both!