Wednesday, March 27, 2013

avoiding "the crash"

It hits me every single day.  At 3:00.  Just as I'm walking out the door to pick up the kids and start the (even busier) second half of my day filled with homework, carpool, lessons, and practices. I used to grab a few cookies for the drive or something chocolate.  I rationalized, "I am going to burn this off with everything I'm doing this afternoon."  It really wasn't the calories  I should have been concerned about.  It was the aftermath of all those carbs.  I would get so incredibly tired this time of day.  Sometimes I would feel like I could literally fall asleep while driving my kids home from school.    And yes, as a mom, I feel tired a lot of time, but I had a little epiphany a few months back while making this drive home.  Maybe a little (healthy) change in that quick grab snack could help my energy level.  So.... this was the result.  
A smoothie loaded with "anti-crash" stuff like protein, vitamins, fiber, and fruit.  

This is my basic recipe:
4-6 T. Golden Flax (love this brand see below from Cosco).  Make sure it's cold pressed so the nutrients are retained.
1 1/2 c. Rice Milk (dairy can also crash me, sorry Wisconsin).
1 T. Agave ( Low glycemic index)
1/2 of a Frozen Banana
About 1 c. Other Frozen Fruit (anything you'd like... I love strawberries, blueberries, mangos, tropical blend or try combining flavors).  I also throw in a handful of baby spinach sometimes for a green smoothie.
*All of these measurements are approximate.  Change according to taste and desired thickness. Make sure to blend thoroughly.
HUGE difference in the way I now experience 3:00.  Tons more energy and an all-around happier mom.

I now have something to do (other than banana bread) with those just "over ripe"bananas.  Just peel them, wrap them in saran-wrap and freeze.  How's that for "fast food".
Btw... I still have that chocolate now and again, just because I feel like it.

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