Friday, August 23, 2013

going home

Congratulations Les Johnson!  You are the winner of the august third friday giveaway. Break out your cake pans!

This is my childhood home. A gothic revival built over a hundred years ago.  A home that my mom and dad restored to its original beauty with no help, no contractors, and without a huge bank roll.  A home that  they cleaned, patched, sanded, and painted over a thirty year period.  A house that kept me safe and warm and happy. A yard to run, and play, and imagine. A place that is forever a part of me.

Of the many rooms in this house, there is only one whose wall remain white.  I'm sure my dad will remedy that eventually.

This very small room is one of my favorites....I don't know what purpose it served in the early nineteen hundreds, but today, it is simply a room with a view. 

Gentry requested a portrait of her bear.

 He was a very good subject.

 We had fun cousin time....

 and family time.

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