Thursday, August 8, 2013

the last hoo-ray of summer

Lake Powell.  My most favorite "happy place" on earth.  Blue skies, red rock, lake water the temperature of your bath.  No cell service, no schedule, all the junk food you can eat, and shooting stars covering the sky each night. Time with family and friends and the last celebration before the start of another school year.

I took over 1,000 pics.  A few (alright! more than a few) of my favorites.

Don't worry, he bounced.


Tube wars.



 I tried wake surfing for the first time....
and did okay.

But this kid....
 was really good.

And she wake boarded too....

and Gregg (sporting his "concentrating" face)...
 and Drew too.

Jordan body surfed (and didn't drink the lake).

 Drew wanted this hat.  And was described by someone in our party as "that guy from curious george".
Drew is always his own party.

 The younger tube crowd.

Not missing a shot.

Sadie with the go pro helmet cam. She wore it well.

Serious lens envy.

And on our final night, we gathered the kidos for a few more shots.

One last silly one of the moms.  
 Moms who followed the kids around with their cameras more vigilantly than the paparazzi.  
But it was worth it.

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