Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a few faves (from December)

Favorite quotes… Two cause they tied.

Sierra, "Mom, hurry, log on to your computer!  I'm on the verge of brilliance!"

Gentry (as we are driving to school one day), "Mom, do you think Santa orders things like Kindles from somewhere, or do you think he makes them?"  Me, "I don't know babe, that's a good question."  Gentry (after pausing a moment), "Perhaps Steve Jobs is involved."  

Favorite Movie
Love, love, love this quirky little film. Reminding me that there is more to life than laundry.  Amazing cinematography plus a random  sound track I can't get enough of…check out Dirty Paws from Monsters and Men.

And a few other favorites...

A hot chocolate stand

Gregg's work party (kicking off an upcoming global rally in the UK)
and my family looking British (sort of)
with my mom and dad being fabulous

this sight right out our back door

family pics (minus Sadie-insert sad face)

a choir concert

a gingerbread face off with my girls

visiting the mesa temple lights on christmas eve
my husband humoring me for a pic
celebrating the true meaning of christmas 

sister time

skping with SADIE!!!


the parents (who think they're teenagers)

my pyro


and finally, celebrating a new year, new hope, new opportunities, and a new perspective.

Because, sometimes, changing where you stand,  makes all the difference.

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