Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a milestone and a rodeo

Six months ago today we dropped Sadie off at the mtc in Provo, Utah.  Six months later we are celebrating her milestone of being a third of the way done with her mission.  And really more than celebrating that it's done, we are celebrating all she's learned and accomplished during this time. She continues to love serving, and love teaching people about God's love.  She also continues to have long and sometimes very hard days, but,  true to Sadie's spirit that she was born with, she keeps moving forward each day with a smile. Here's an excerpt from one of her recent letter…

"Holy moly can you believe I've almost been out for 6 months?? Time sure flies by when you're having fun and working hard! As I've been reflecting on the past 6 months I've been out here, it's amazing to see the changes in myself and the people around me. I'm trying not to lose the fire that Heavenly Father granted to me when I first came out here. If I could give anyone advice about a mission, it would be to keep the fire and the drive in your everyday work. It's so easy to take our work lightly, to treat it like an everyday, monotonous process. (I'm guilty of this.) But if we can find one thing, just one, that motivates us to get up and to smile and to do His will, then it's all worth it. That one thing that motivates me right now? These people, and their potential. I see them how God sees them, and I see as they progress and come to recognize Him, that their desire to change quickens and deepens so much, that once they find their own "fire", nothing can stop them from getting closer to Him."

Last week was a highlight for Sadie when she and her companion and the elders from her ward got to go to the rodeo. Dang how I miss this kid!

Here are a few more pics from her last email.

A family Sadie and her comp Sis. Nielson are teaching right now.

Sadie swears Elder Williams is Drew's brunette twin.  I do see a resemblance.

Sadie has spent her entire six months in the same area of Houston.  She will be transferred next week.  The boundaries of the Houston mission are vast.  But, I know wherever she goes, she will learn to call it home. 
My seasoned "missionary mom" friends tell me that after the coming home "count down" gets to under a year, the time goes by really fast.  We'll see.  The very best thing?  In only forty five days, Sadie will be calling home for mother's day.  Can I get a Texas "yee haw!!!" please?   

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carrie @ the boonie life said...

Hey, Terra. I keep meaning to leave a comment, but I always get distracted by one of my kids...haha. I saw a few posts ago your daughter on a mission with Sister Montierth. She is my husband's cousin! Her family lives an hour away from us. Small world, huh? In the LDS world anyway. My husband also has cousins in Gilbert. Do you know any Fischbecks? :)