Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break 2014

It's a tradition.  Every year we travel to Brianhead Utah for a week of skiing and snowboarding.  This year, our thirty-one people, five family group was the very best combination of fun.  We stayed in a lodge that was built to accommodate large groups.  There were several things we loved about this cabin, like being able to eat together every night around the 30 foot table configuration.  But our favorite perk about this cabin (at least for most of the parents)…. No wi-fi.  So, instead of having groups of teenagers sitting around peering into their phones, we had groups of teenagers sitting around playing monopoly.  It was quite the throw-back to those pre-cell phone days, and I loved it.  I never even managed to get my Canon out of its case, but here are few pics from the iphone.

I was laughing realizing I didn't get a single pic of Gentry without her helmet.  The girl is always very safety conscious. 

Gregg, Drew, and Sierra with her new smile (minus the braces).

Drew in action.

Another favorite part of our trip…. the bus with the pink tractor wheels….You know, very handy when you want to go cross county in the snow with twenty-six of your closest friends. 

And let's not forget a little R & R. 

This last pic was taken on an abandoned bus supposedly used as a hide out and eventual shoot out after a bank robbery several years earlier (can you see the bullet holes?).

It also provided a perfect spot for instagram's weekend hashtag project #whpdancers.  You can see these kids in action on my instagram.  Ahh….Youth.

I hope your weekend is off to a good start. Happy friday my friends. 

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