Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Capri, Italy

The blue grotto. One of the world's most beautiful and fickle anomalies. The sea gods smiled on us yesterday with low winds and clear skies.  Some tourists return two or three times to Capri, only to learn that the four foot by five foot entrance into the grotto is impassable because of rough seas.  But, as for us, it was a go…. 
 First we sailed in one of these boats to the entrance….
and payed these men a fee (they are smiling because they make a lot of money)
and then loaded into this really, really small boat

 with one of us in the front
and three in the back

 and then our sailor barked out instructions with an italian accent… "Lie(a) down(a), keep(a) your heads down(a)!"

 and then he rowed us into the entrance yelling, "duck!"

And one second later, this was the view.  And all credit to Tonya and her iphone for getting this shot.

And we ended our trip the way we end each day in italy….with gelato.


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