Thursday, May 8, 2014


Our final days in Rome were packed. Highlights… 

Saint Anglos castle.
 And walking on a path (thanks to a connection with our tour guide) reserved especially for the Pope that leads directly to the Vatican.
 This pretty little cafe.
 The view of the Pope's weekly address from the top of Saint Angelo's castle.

 Trevi Fountain.

 Caracalla Roman Bath ruins.

 The best tour guides in Italy.
Color everywhere.

 Touring the Vatican.

 Walking the streets of Rome.

And the biggest highlight by far… the Italian people themselves. The are gracious, inviting (Prego! Prego! Prego!) and always genuinely animated.  And in the end, I always find people to be the most interesting study of all.
 Loved our girl time.

But we are all missing our kids. And with limited internet, most of our hotel time was spent trying to catch up with them. And although Italy may have the best  bruschetta in the world, it can't compete with what matters most. 

So Ciao Italia!
You've been bellissimo!

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