Wednesday, June 25, 2014

guess what day it is, guess what day it is!?!

It's official!  Today, June 25th, marks Sadie's "hump day" as they call it in the mission field.  And I think Bon Jovi sang it best…"Ohhhh, we're half way there.." cause I kind of felt like singing today to think we've finally reached this milestone. To celebrate, I asked a few family members and friends to help create this….
a big old banner full of love.

There were thoughts of encouragement, fabulous drawings and pictures, and even a little spending cash (with the pink ribbon pictured above)….

Every page was wonderful, and this was my favorite...
because there are only a very few people in the word that Gregg would break out his markers and drawings skills for, and Sadie's one of them.

And I've decided, since I've managed to be okay for the last nine months,  I will find a way to be okay for the next nine months. 

Because, Sadie is still Sadie, even in Texas. 

She still gets bruises...

 and rides bikes...

 and hangs out with boys who are kind of weird sometimes...

and tries new foods….
and speaks a little spanish...

and gives the peace sign in 80% of her pics….

and goes bowling….

and makes new friends….

and eats in mexican restaurants...

and learns new things…(like how to "break the wrist and walk away" from her karate friend).

But, the best indicator that Sadie is still Sadie is this…She still finds her greatest joy by sharing this simple message…..God loves us, He knows each one of us personally, and He wants us to be happy.  

 Nine months ago Sadie set out to share this message and she has, again and again.   Shelby (pictured above) is getting baptized this weekend. For the next nine months, Sadie will continue to have the privilege of sharing this message.  And I will close this post with Sadie's own words from a recent email,

 I like what Parley P. Pratt said " When the Spirit of God is upon me, I like to think it matters little what I suffer." So true. I'm going to rely on the Lord again because I know I cannot do this by myself. I love this work so so so much!! Thank you for your uplifting words and awesome encouragement. I try to represent the Maughan name as best as I can, and more importantly, my Savior Jesus Christ! 

How I love my missionary.

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