Thursday, June 12, 2014

escaping the heat

It's that time of year in AZ.  Triple digits:(   No worries.  The last week of  May we headed to beautiful (and cool) Flagstaff for  our annual church "girls camp" .  I was the camp director this year and Gregg was graciously my right hand man (so to speak)…. running a shooting range, and then horseback rides for 38 girls and leaders. Good thing he's a cowboy.

 If you ever go to Flagstaff, do check out this place….Flagstaff Extreme Rope Course.
Six courses increasing in difficulty.  Lots of zip lines ending in the last course which boast a sixty foot climb. 

 You have to finish all six courses to buy this t-shirt.  These were our victors.

And in between all that climbing, we made room for some downtime.

 And shooting lessons.

 And crafts, because I don't think you can have a girls camp without crafts, can you?

And this was my favorite.  The girls hand stitched over seventy teddy bears that will be shipped to children in Africa through and organization called Hope Arising.

 And then there was that trail ride.

Camp Theme.

Good times, and then, because we had such a fun time, last weekend, we went back to Flagstaff with the fam.

 And Gregg and I celebrated our anniversary and twenty-three years together.

And this little surprise was courtesy of Gregg's mom and dad who also happened to be in Flag.

 And last but not least.  In between all this, these two plowed through two weeks of summer school.  And Sierra is now officially in high school.  
 And that my friends, is our summer so far. 

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