Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kauai, Hawaii

Warning: photo overload. But it was Hawaii after all.

inland exploring

a helicopter ride

beach pics

ocean time

surf time

kayaked in the rain

and then hiked to this waterfall

 with Cole, the nicest guide ever, sporting this super legit man-bun


It was a great week of being together.  And, just like all families, by day seven, my kids were ready for a little less "together" time as witnessed from the comments coming from the back of our mini-van…

Sierra, "When I think of Sadie getting mad, I think of a squeaky mouse getting poked with a fork"

(and before I can even reprimand or redirect)

Gentry chimes in, "When I think of Sierra getting mad, I think of fork going into a toaster."

(and then I couldn't even reprimand, because I was laughing too hard)

And one last pic for this post  
It's become a familiar site these last two years…Sadie preparing to leave. Tomorrow she returns to BYU for the summer term. Saying goodbye still always makes me sad, but of course, this will be much different then her mission.  Now, she's a phone call or text away.  
And life moves on...

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