Friday, September 25, 2015

a random post about the grocery store and some vultures

Happy Friday dear readers!  A few weeks ago I started doing the nicest thing for myself on Fridays….the grocery shopping. It is my most unfavorite mom job (as I may have mentioned more than a couple of times).  It always hangs over my head the entire weekend until I remind myself that it is my job to feed my family, and grudgingly drag myself to the store (usually late Saturday night).  So,  this new shift in my twenty plus years of procrastinating "routine" has been soooo delightful.  Because, although I still dislike grocery shopping intensely, my shopping is done, my fridge and pantry are stocked, and I have at least five meals planned for the coming week.  Eureka.  Seriously.

And completely shifting gears from eureka, I had to post about this completely bizarre and (for me at least) super disturbing development in my beloved little farm neighbor hood.  Last week, while taking Navy on our morning bike ride (I ride, she runs), I noticed this gigantar bird flying in a large field.  It's wing span looked at least five feet wide.   It startled me, so I stopped to watch it for a few minutes.  At first, I thought it was a hawk. Then, I shuddered when I suddenly realized it was a vulture.  You know… carcass eating, flesh tearing, likes to hang out and devour dead things, Vulture.  And although  we live in a desert, vulture sightings in the city are almost unheard of.  After a few minutes I rode away and dismissed it as some anomaly.
Last week I became even more disturbed with this sight.  Suddenly the vulture count had become seven  instead of one and yesterday I counted twenty vultures, twenty. So, today I started making some calls.  I started with our local animal control and ended up talking  to a woman with Arizona Fish and Game.   This sweet woman gets my vote for quote of the day…. this was her response after hearing the situation, "Well, we're not going to disturb the vultures", delivered with the most irritated tone of (Duh!?) …(Of course) We're not going to disturb the vultures!!!
It took complete restrain on my part not to laugh at this comment, and this was my monolog response (in my head)
Well of course not, I mean really, twenty flesh eating vultures in a small residential neighborhood obviously take precedence over everyone else living there?!?! 
I don't know.  People are funny.  After her vulture love comment she suggested I talk to our neighbor where the vultures seem to be congregating.  She suggested he may have a dead animal in his field.  This may actually be true since he has a goat farm.  And maybe Monday I'll stop by, or maybe I'll just hope that the vultures move on when they've finished the job. Any anyway, it's Friday, and instead of worrying about vultures I'm going to enjoy my weekend, and not even give the grocery store a passing glance.  Eureka.  Full circle baby.
                                                              Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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