Thursday, September 3, 2015

a luau and a lightning storm

Good morning dear readers, and happy Thursday.  My day is off to a good start.  Everyone made it to school on time (I think), and when I took Navy for  her walk this morning, it was a sublime seventy nine degrees.  I actually made my bed and my laundry is finally done.   Looking forward to a long labor day weekend.

This is a picture of McKenzie and Sierra, age four. 

And this is a picture of McKenzie and Sierra, (almost) age sixteen. 
For better or worse, and just like sisters, these two girls have been friends since birth.  Literally.  McKenzie's mom Pam and I were pregnant at the same time and McKenzie was born exactly one week earlier than Sierra.  So, it just seemed right to have a combined sweet sixteen birthday party. 

Gregg, Drew, and I spent about five hours on the day of their party mowing, trimming, repairing globe lights, putting up tiki torches, hanging banners, and setting up tables and chairs.  Also a big shout out to the other birthday mom Pam for doing these pinterest like center pieces and a complete spray painted island scene for the picture backdrop.

Finally, we were ready. And then the wind picked up…. 

and these kind of ominous clouds moved in….

and then... (not pictured in the interest of protecting my camera)….this crazy monsoon storm moved in... complete with pounding rain and a lightning storm to rival any show they do in Vegas.  

But, no worries, the teenagers took it in stride and just picked up the tables, moved them under our patio and continued to eat and talk and laugh and take selfies. 

Because when you have food….

and music...

and your friends….

what more do you need anyway?

Except maybe cake?

Happy birthday beautifuls.   

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