Saturday, August 27, 2016

MTC bound (again)

It's a familiar site, although this time it's colorful socks, ties, and suits instead of skirts and dresses. In just over a week I will be flying to Utah with Drew to take him to the MTC.  It was almost exactly three years ago in September that we took Sadie there.  You can read about that experience here if you're new to my blog. I decided after taking Sadie to the curb drop off of the MTC three years ago, that I would never, ever do that scene again.  For months I've been telling Drew I would say good-bye to him at the Phoenix airport.  But, circumstances and situations change, and in the end, I decided I needed, to be able to have some closure and peace, do that curb scene one more time.    

It's been a beautiful couple of weeks as Drew had prepared himself to serve his mission in Jackson, Mississippi.  

We have been supported by amazing family and friends, for which we are tremendously grateful.  

Last weekend we got to have a quick visit from Sadie and Andy. 

Last Sunday we also had our last family dinner together for two years.  I made all of Drew's favorites, roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and orange rolls.  Bitter-sweet, but I keep remembering how much Sadie loved her mission to Houston,  and how it helped her grow and love and develop her relationship with her Heavenly Father in a way that she could not have gained through any other experience. 
So, just like I promised Sadie, I will also send Drew off with a smile.  I am so incredibly proud of this young man.  He is amazingly kind, and patient, and funny, and most of all, he knows how to love unconditionally.  He makes me want to be a better person.  Thank you Drewby.  Nothing brings me more joy in this world than being a mom to you and your sisters. 
I know you will bless many, many lives as you have the great privilege of serving the people of Jackson, Mississippi. 

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