Monday, November 21, 2016



1. an act of moving back or withdrawing

2. to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place

Last week I walked into this cabin for the very first time and met twelve women.  Women who were strangers to me, but women who, in four short days, I would connect with, and cry with, and come to love. 

Because as women,  we all laugh.

And teach.

And learn. 

And as women, we are capable of introspection. 

And joy. 

And growth. 

And oh yeah, stretching.  A lot. 

As women we can all appreciate the value of a really good chocolate chip cookie. 

And when someone else cooks for us with love. 

And as women, we have an innate desire to understand, and to heal.

Women need other women.

To laugh with. 

And burn stuff with.

And hug. 

And photo bomb. 

And cry with.

And stretch (some more). 

And did I mention laugh with?

And sometimes, to just be still with. 

Because no matter where each one of us is in this life, all of us will, at some point, have to do hard. Like crazy hard.  Like the kind of hard when you feel like you can't even breath.

And it's during these hard times, that we, as women, need each other the most.
 To remind us of 
The light around us, the light above us ,and sometimes most importantly, 
the light 

Because at the end of each day, we can each make a conscious choice
 to take a long,

and reflect, 

and sometimes just let go. 

 Knowing that tomorrow, we will have the opportunity  to choose hope.
It's a conscious choice I make every single day.  
I choose to 
and not be
acted upon. 
Thank you my beautiful sisters. You have filled my cup with your stories, your understanding, your tears, your empathy, your wisdom, 
and most importantly, 
your love. 

I am enough.

*huge shout out (instagram)
for capturing every single moment.

(if you would like more information about a retreat like this one, please message me on my contact page)

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