Thursday, November 17, 2016

thanksgiving yum

The kids and I are off to the big apple for the thanksgiving weekend.  So, last Monday, (as promised) I delivered an entire thanksgiving dinner with all the extras.  Everything was a big hit with my girls, and I wanted to pass along two new recipes I discovered that will, from here on out, be thanksgiving staples whenever I'm head chef.

Sweet Potato Casserole
 I am absolutely addicted.  I found this one on, and it's just the perfect combination of sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and pecans plus butter and evaporated milk. (Do not start counting calories, it's a holiday remember!)
Find the recipe HERE.

No picture of the second recipe, because we ate it before I could get out my camera.  
But.....this next one is for a crazy good
Sausage, Apple, and Walnut Stuffing.
Find that recipe HERE.
The best mix of sweet and savory.  I substituted regular instead of spicy sausage, but if you like the heat, go with the spicy.  Sooo good and after melding overnight, the left overs left everyone smiling. 

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