Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i can't drive 55

And actually, it's 45 (our in-city speed limit).  August is the magic month for me this year.  The month I'll be eligible to attend traffic school again.  The last time I attended, it was the "all day" deal (something about me having too many tickets, not enough points).  Yes, it was that class that all the DUI ers get to attend.  The first question the instructor asked each person...
     So, what'd ya blow?  (apparently she was referring to the their breathalizer test)
When she got to me...
     Ummm..yeah, I'm just here cause I got too many tickets?
I must tell you I did not belong in that group.  But, I do have a little problem with speeding.  And, unfortunately, it's an ongoing problem.  Lately, I've been setting my cruise control (to 49) and hitting the resume button after every stoplight just to be safe.  This little problem goes right along with my OCD.  Having to take time to travel from point A to point B multiple times a day as a mom is sometimes more than I can take.  I know, it's not like I have a choice.  Not to mention, I'm usually late for something.  But, 45 mph is such a snail's pace compared to the lightening speed of the monologue in my head.
  Need to drop off the dry cleaning, forgot to call her back, Drew needs new contacts,  wish I wouldn't have worn these jeans, can't believe the political scene, worried about the kids latest friend problems, gotta get to bed sooner tonight, Gregg and I so need a date night, need to do more flashcards with Gentry, how am I gonna get 3 kids 3 different places at the same time...and on and on and on.

And, before I know it, my accelerator foot is trying to keep up with the monologue.  Vicious cycle.  Keep your fingers crossed until August.  Because not having my license would be an equally difficult problem.  Gotta go, I'm late.

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Porters said...

I so love this post since I feel the same way with running my kids every where. I speed and the problem is I like driving fast but knock on wood and I'll keep my fingures crossed for you!